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  2. My girlfriend likes Justin Bieber. What do I do???????
  3. Saving a 3yo relationship!
  4. No contact, rebound & the everyday's pain of moving on.
  5. HELP what should i do???
  6. A Little ..Jealous?
  7. Hi all, looking for some perspective
  8. Any advice is helpful please help? LONG THREAD heartbroken
  9. I'll just say it, i like my cousin.
  10. Sending Me Mixed Signals?
  11. Strong feelings for my best friend
  12. is he going to ask me out soon
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  16. I need help getting me ex back
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  18. i don't know what to do !!!
  19. How should I tell him, how should I explain, how to make him listen?
  20. I love her but lust for others
  21. Confused about missing someone.
  22. Jacob and Daniel (Gay)
  23. How can I have a nice date while showing her that I want to be serious?
  24. Does he like me?
  25. Does it mean something if someone plays with your hair?
  26. Back with an update guys, read me?
  27. I miss my boyfriend so much... love sick?
  28. Relationship going in another direction.
  29. Will this be to much at one time for my girlfriend?
  30. Help me I am so sad please :'(
  31. confused , do i love her!?
  32. Should I confess my feelings to someone I don't stand a chance to be with ?
  33. Looking for some advice!
  34. Time to grow up?
  35. Does age really matter?? And do you think it matters in this case??
  36. Do his actions mean something more?
  37. I absolutely don't know what to think...
  38. I am willing to wait for him
  39. Need help (Beware wall of text)
  40. This girl
  41. What does he really want?
  42. The Girl isn't the problem, her family is.
  43. Paranoid ugh!
  44. why would any girl in America date me if i'm israeli ?
  45. Confused about what to do
  46. My boyfriend dumped me and is now ignoring me?
  47. The american girl I like is a fan of Law and Order . What should I do ?
  48. How to make her feel something for me?
  49. Advice on asking out.
  50. It Was All For Her, Everything.
  51. Why would any american girl date\marry an israeli if all americans hate Israel ?
  52. Why has my crush suddenly lost interest in me?
  53. i love my girlfriend but i have feelings for someone else
  54. I have a crush on a guy and I sometimes don't understand his reactions.
  55. His girlfriend is coming to my school :/
  56. Please help! Schoolgirl crush advice...
  57. Am i in the wrong? (long post)
  58. Is my teacher a lesbian? - it doesn't matter but im feeling uncomfrotable?
  59. What is his problem with me ? HELP (shy guys)
  60. This girl I like
  61. What do I have to do to make this work?
  62. im lost with no hope please help!
  63. What botherrs me !!!!
  64. Who finds vain girls seriously annoying?
  65. What should I do?
  66. Does he stalk her?
  67. Could this work out?
  68. My Dad "Isn't the Biggest Fan" of my Boyfriend
  69. i need help
  70. Need advise , help me
  71. Treating her after being rejected.
  72. Does she love me??
  73. I love my bestfriend.
  74. Current Story, Horrible Situation
  75. Want to be loved/shown affection
  76. I really dont know what to do
  77. Need help with a girl (bestfriend)
  78. Fell in love with 2nd cousin... She's gone now, need advice?
  79. How to get into dating... Do not have too many female acquaintances.
  80. Does she like me more than a friend? 19 year old guy - 17 year old girl
  81. mum not talking to me and giving me silent treatments when i said sorry?
  82. Best friends Lsister likes me
  83. A fairly normal question and a fairly odd one.
  84. How do I fix things?
  85. How to get her.
  86. What to do?
  87. What do I do?
  88. I want her to love me.
  89. What to do? (Possible unrequited love)
  90. I didn't mean to but..
  91. In love with a stranger
  92. is he still..?
  93. Hitting on a girl with no emotions
  94. Love or friendzone?
  95. What should i do about my relationship?
  96. Parents versus Boyfriend
  97. Ex trying to pressure me?
  98. I can not understand her? Why is she so difficult?
  99. Female friend stopped talking to me again.
  100. Wish I could tell her
  101. Things just went down hill
  102. Wish I could tell her
  103. Shy weird guy help me pls!!
  104. He's been ignoring my texts messages
  105. When is it time to break up?
  106. Advice on this situation.
  107. All my new boyfriend wants to do is makeout?
  108. How do i tell him!?!?!
  109. Girlfriend thinks I cheated....
  110. How do I tell him how I'm feeling?
  111. Should I Do It?
  112. What should i do?
  113. How can I be sure of her?
  114. I like these three girls...
  115. Should I break up my 27 y/o "friend's" engagement?
  116. Cute things to do for my girlfriend
  117. 3 year relationship now seperated by college
  118. Help please!
  119. If a guy gets teased by a girl, does he remember that?
  120. Girl dumped me to get back with her old boyfriend.
  121. Awful Girlfriend
  122. 1st girlfriend
  123. You like each other but can't be together
  124. 1st girlfriend ever...?
  125. does she like me? should i go for it??
  126. does he like me?
  127. Can I forgive my ex after the pain she caused me?
  128. A long story, i need help.
  129. Dating a girl I dumped some years ago
  130. I really like this girl but, shes in an abusive Relationship. Want her to know I care
  131. Need help talking to a girl
  132. Any suggestion for a birthday present for my secret crush?
  133. I am so confused about what is going on, am I falling out of love?
  134. My boyfriend doesn't want to see me as much as I want to see him
  135. Facebook?
  136. Confused
  137. Not Sure if She Likes Me :/
  138. Facebook messaging
  139. LDR Break up
  140. My parents won't let me date this girl I really like
  141. Was this guy being genuine when he sent me this?
  142. Where do you think this is going? Im scared bc I've never had such strong feelings?
  143. What does she want?
  144. Does this girl like me? or am i over reacting.. Please help
  145. A girl in class
  146. Recurring Issue with Dramatic Girlfriend. Help Greatly Appreciated
  147. Should I confess my love for her or not?
  148. Cruel truth
  149. Hottest Love with the coldest end
  150. She likes me but isn't sure...
  151. How to know if girl likes You? (Just for fun)
  152. How to be less serious?
  153. Girlfriend keeps suggesting breaks, says she sees me as a friend, help...
  154. Ok to kiss his cheek?
  155. What kind of personalities do French Girls have?
  156. Formal Season
  157. Confessions of the Cheater
  158. Don't know what to do. Need advice.
  159. First Impessions, what to do?
  160. Problem with friend's younger brother
  161. Try hard or Delusional?
  162. Need help now!!! Need to know!!! Does she like me???
  163. She says I'm too good for her?
  164. Had my first kiss(es) unexpectedly: What should I do?
  165. Struggeling to deal with her being so close to her male best friend
  166. Can't hold conversation :/
  167. Do I Still Have a Chance?
  168. Boyfriend thinks I'm too close to my best friend
  169. how can i get her?
  170. What does a teen guy judge in a girl...??
  171. I love a girl that I have never talked to?
  172. Boyfriend keeps accusing me of cheating?
  173. Girlfriend cheated on me, but I love her and don't want to lose her?
  174. Shy Girlfriend
  175. do he really like me or is this a joke?
  176. What should I do about her?
  177. Girlfriend gets annoyed when I have a problem.
  178. I'm confused.
  179. Solidarity does not exist in relationship world
  180. Is it real or just messing around?
  181. Hanging by a Thread
  182. Unsure
  183. Is my wicked relationship okay?
  184. Do you ever feel like unleashing your wild side
  185. Somebody Please take the time to read my message, need Relationship advice!
  186. Love him but he doesn't know
  187. How do I tell if this girl is flirting with me?
  188. Hottest GF/BF?
  189. Depression, dating, and dealing with rejection from guys?
  190. In need of help like right now
  191. What am I?
  192. How a young man never found love.
  193. I made a girl I liked for a long time blush when I asked her out-is this a good sign?
  194. Not sure how to take the next step in my relationship, open to all opinions
  195. Is it normal?
  196. Hey how should I continue?
  197. Not sure what to do?
  198. My girlfriend loves another guy but they are not in a relationship?
  199. In Love with a Friend
  200. How to proceed from talking online to in person?
  201. What to do?
  202. All My Fault
  203. I fell in love but I think he hates me...
  204. Still not over ex after 11 months
  205. Don't know what to do
  206. Did she like me?
  207. How do i declare my love to this girl?
  208. I need some advice for this situation
  209. Am i doing something awful?
  210. Please help me. I don't know what to do
  211. Requesting help from all teenagers
  212. Cheating
  213. Is she interested or a tease?
  214. Is she mad at me? - Or just acting hard to get?
  215. Need to make monday better than Valentine's Day. But I'm broke.
  216. Why is she showing me signs when she may have a boyfriend??
  217. what does he really mean? pls help
  218. How do i get over her?
  219. Asking one girl out, taking another to prom?
  220. Almost dated
  221. Need to know if ive lost her already or she still likes me
  222. Is this possible?
  223. i cant take it anymore
  224. I love my girlfriend less then I used to.
  225. The girl I like, likes another guy, but she's afraid to tell me?
  226. Very bizarre situation with this girl I barely know & interested
  227. Does my best friend love me back?
  228. Does she hate me now?
  229. I really like this girl, And I think she has feelings for me now, but I tried once b4
  230. A girl I've fancied for more than 6 years
  231. I never kissed a girl, and I'm 18 years old.
  232. Girls are confusing? How about guys?
  233. Prom Drama ANY AND ALL HELP!
  234. Are we just friends or potentially more???
  235. How do I do it? Please help.
  236. How do you get over a girl you were never actually with?
  237. Was this a date?
  238. Advice for my situation?
  239. In love with my best friend's younger sister
  240. Indestructible Friendzone, or really confused girl?
  241. Should I ask her to prom???
  242. Not understanding her
  243. How should I ask her to prom
  244. Why am I always friend zoned?
  245. I'm extremely inscure and a very jealous kind of boyfriend?
  246. Help me! I dont know what to do
  247. Only pros, help me please?
  248. don't think i love my girlfriend anymore?
  249. How do I get a girl that is nervous to be in a relationship with me?
  250. relationship trouble