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  1. How do I persuade a girl to break up with her present boyfriend to be with me?
  2. Will he ever forgive me.
  3. What would most guys do?
  4. ex out with his mate.
  5. What does this text mean?
  6. Stunning girl but I bailed out. Help?
  7. Help taking an emotional risk
  8. My ex keeps coming back.
  9. Crazy bout a girl with a boyfriend
  10. Am I a rebound
  11. Not sure how to get my boyfriend back
  12. GUYS i need a mans point of view on this one
  13. Help! Bestfriend turned boyfriend, but doesn't want to be intimate. What's goin' on?
  14. I have feelings for my best friend and have no idea what to do next.
  15. Ex loves to play games with me!
  16. does my boss like me?
  17. Should I stop always putting him first?
  18. Need relationship help
  19. Why would he not give his number?
  20. I've been friendzoned...
  21. How should I play it when I see him tonight??
  22. Your female friend starts getting flirty with you - what do you do?
  23. Love is just a miserable lie
  24. moving in with my boyfriend
  25. GUYS, PLEASE HELP!! What am I to him?
  26. Help!!
  27. Why hesitant to give me his email address???!!!
  28. Can You Figure Out this Conversation?
  29. does he like me?
  30. Returning to LF and need some advice
  31. Who's Hiding Underneath "Mr. Nice Guy?" [Also Posted in "Love Advice]
  32. Guys please help!... My ex-boyfriend is sending me mixed signals and im confused
  33. Is this a relationship yet?
  34. Finally had sex with longtime old college friend and talking to someone in a long ter
  35. what to do when u fall in love with your best friend ?
  36. seeeeex101
  37. worst friend zoning ever
  38. LDR=Unsureness. Tried talking to him not sure how or if to proceed
  39. I can't move on with my ex girlfriend
  40. bump
  41. His response to my sexting..
  42. I want to take a break but idk how he'll react
  43. bump
  44. Guys advice needed! How to grab your attention?
  45. Please help me!!!!! I need advice w Aries Man
  46. Break Up
  47. If a guy hides something from you because he is afraid to lose you is it ok?
  48. What Did She Do?
  49. He said he needs a break from me for a week?
  50. I don't understand
  51. How can something that seems Right go so Wrong
  52. Today you were a good girl
  53. Is he interested or just nice?
  54. question for the guys --- whats this mean?
  55. Emotinally confused
  56. cheated on my boyfriend
  57. Sex on 3rd date?
  58. Why is he been like this?
  59. How to attract guys?
  60. Does he like me or....or what?
  61. I want my Libra Man Back!
  62. Crush on a married man...what is going on in his mind?
  63. Guys opinion please
  64. who does he love?:
  65. Where do I stand?
  66. moving in together
  67. facebook
  68. Should I try harder for this girl?
  69. Is it time to break up?
  70. why????????
  71. Please: how can I get ex husband back??? Please help
  72. Is he interested in me?
  73. To text or not to text and what to text?
  74. Male opinion required please..
  75. Does he like me or am I being a fool?
  76. Am I being paranoid?
  77. He's leaving and I don't want him to!
  78. Ex is nice to me now
  79. Why is ex being complicated
  80. Guys what u think??
  81. How should I act around him after he kissed me?
  82. Is it strange?
  83. what does he want?
  84. Getting back a man's attention
  85. What are your thoughts on this!!! Please HELP
  86. please, i need help!!! :(
  87. How important is affection to men?
  88. Should I be completely honest about my past relationship?
  89. moving on after a difficult marriage and divorce
  90. Can a male explain why he only wants you when he can't have you?
  91. Can my ex fall in love with me again with this distance?
  92. Does he have a crush on me or like me? I have this gut feeling?
  93. Hi Guys
  94. help me get inside his brain? can't figure him out
  95. Guys what do you think?
  96. best CLASSY ways to let a guy know what I'm interested and not be "friend zoned"?
  97. how to deal with wish-washiness?
  98. Man Won't Be Quiet
  99. How do I work out if he is still interested?
  100. How long would you wait for sex?
  101. Why is he so touchy?
  102. How often do you talk to a woman you are interested in?
  103. What do you think does he like me?
  104. What could be the reason of this behaviour?
  105. would you date a woman with two kids?
  106. Some advice ...
  107. What do you think am I obsessed to this man?
  108. What is he really saying?
  109. Should I just forget the whole thing even happened?
  110. Minimal opportunity cost and dating.
  111. Help: Not sure how to handle an actual soul mate situation gone awry
  112. Do men ever get over trust issues ?
  113. Have I completely missed my chance?
  114. Is he a friend or more?
  115. need some direction in complex long distance
  116. Somewhere between FWB and a serious Relationship
  117. is there something wrong with my guy??
  118. Two guys... are we just best friends? Or is it more?
  119. Difference in behavior. On phone & in person?
  120. How to let an older and "unattractive" man understand that I find him attractive?
  121. Joking or not?
  122. What is he thinking??
  123. Why is my ex- posting sweet things about me?
  124. is he just not in to me?
  125. What do you guys think?
  126. break up with friends?
  127. i'm so in love with my ex, but he broke up with me. how do i get him back?
  128. Transitioning From Online Relationship to an In Person Relationship
  129. guys advice?? please !!
  130. Sick boyfriend pushing me away
  131. How much is too much?
  132. How to Get Her Alone?
  133. How you asked her out
  134. What's going on here? Break up but not a break up
  135. I'd like to see more clear
  136. Guys, i need your advice
  137. his texting behavior
  138. Shy type guy!
  139. I need man advice
  140. how to attract man feelings
  141. Is it too late
  142. Ex Issue
  143. Are some men good actors?
  144. Texting daily... but what does it reall mean?
  145. Guys, is he flirting or being friendly?
  146. Why does a guy I dated think it's weird being around me?
  147. Do you think he might like me? - please help!
  148. Is this trouble?
  149. Just wondereing..
  150. What was on his mind with this question?
  151. Attached but not committed?
  152. Guys, will he come back? long story!
  153. Confused - need help
  154. Does he like me?
  155. What is he thinking???
  156. Do guys play the No Contact game?
  157. I need some help
  158. Need help, very confused.
  159. What will he think of my crazy family... help.
  160. how do i react back to hot & cold treament
  161. Facebook behavior
  162. Do you agree with the following statements about platonic friendship?
  163. Is this guy taking it slow or does he just want to be friends?
  164. he slept with my sister for a yr.i forgave him.almost two yrs later says hes confused
  165. What the hell does he want?! Friends or more?
  166. Need Some Male Insight
  167. So. it's over right?
  168. The body of a fit 18 year old will always beat a fit 25 year old in look and feel.
  169. Weird Facebook Status Update, and how soon is "too soon" to move on?
  170. Is there a future for us??
  171. Not to sure about this guy? Am I just wasting my time?
  172. A strange situation
  173. Any advice is much appreciated.
  174. Going out with a taken guy
  175. We get on really well, but he said he needs sex, but I'm a virgin?
  176. is he lying when he says hes not attracted to me?
  177. I threw up in front of him and he broke up with me.
  178. What can I do?
  179. Tried to make a move, it sort of back-fired - what should I do?
  180. opinion on plastic surgery
  181. Are virgins are turn-on or turn-off?
  182. I don't feel ok about this
  183. This guy wants?
  184. over reacting? i know its a man thing..
  185. Do guys think before they start spurting romantic/flirty words?
  186. Need a guys perspective on this confusing situation
  187. Girls making first moves?
  188. Is he looking for a friendship?
  189. Confusing Signals
  190. as a friend or more? Input needed!
  191. does my ex want me back?
  192. Mixed signals: friends or more?
  193. Letting my partner get a bj from another girl?
  194. Is he interested?
  195. is this creepy or too stalkerish?
  196. Bad idea?
  197. What does he want from me?
  198. Can exes make a friendship work?
  199. Hi Guys advice needed about my ex am I just wasting my time.
  200. Is my boyfriend settling for me?
  201. Confidence...can guys tell?
  202. he doesn't kiss me anymore :(
  203. So confused by him!!!
  204. Did I hurt him or does he just not care?
  205. What can I do
  206. Should I?
  207. Why did he treat me like this? What does 'I want a break' really mean?
  208. Does he likes me??
  209. Boys and erections. :O
  210. Does it sound like he likes me
  211. Is he just not that into me?!
  212. Would you wear a 'promise' ring?
  213. Why hasn't he replied my message?
  214. guy to guy, would you take her back?
  215. Do guys like tomboys?
  216. Opinions Needed!!
  217. Why do guys act one way and then change?
  218. How many of you are willing to do this for your GF?
  219. Should I tell my coworker how I feel?
  220. How do you feel about female friends interfering?
  221. Sex with boyfriends friends, should I do?
  222. I like this girl (High School)
  223. Does he hate me?
  224. Lacking in attention, is flirting cheating?
  225. I fell for my boss and we are both married! Help!
  226. Help needed interpreting mixed signals
  227. Trying to understand my husband irritation
  228. Don't know what to make of it
  229. Givin' up the goods...
  230. Warning: long story... just want to know if he will come back?
  231. does he love me
  232. kissing
  233. what attracts more
  234. Why has he done this?
  235. What "lets have a break" really means?
  236. Did I really lose the one that got away again? Did I ever have him? Advice PLEASE!
  237. Confused/Worried my "BF" wants his "EX".
  238. I'm a little confused about this boy, and what he really wants. Thoughts?
  239. boyfriend on hookup dating sites
  240. HELP! My man hates it when I go out??
  241. What did I do wrong?
  242. Im confussed, he says he wants to have sex but it doesnt happen
  243. He just stopped emailing me ??
  244. New Here! In love with my best friend for 10 years...
  245. Simple question for English native speakers please
  246. Boyfriend of 2 years withdrawing
  247. I am his perfect girl yet he isn't in love with me
  248. valentines and men
  249. need some guy advice
  250. Previous Relationship Blockage