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  1. Lying by omission
  2. Good motivation or bad motivation?
  3. Slept with a guy a few months ago. Now he's suddenly reaching out. Why?
  4. Friend or more...
  5. Unique situation
  6. Says, he is broke but doesnt looks like?
  7. Guy friend cancels plans by text
  8. need advice bros
  9. should i break up with my girlfriend
  10. Guys, please helP!! I need your advice. I am unhappy..
  11. He works so much. Should I not even bother? Help men!
  12. Why do men love bitches?
  13. Inguinal hernia a @#$%%&* excuse????
  14. Please help me guys. What do you think? Is my man cheating on me?
  15. How to progress things further??
  16. Mis-read the situation or he's taking his time
  17. needing feedback on our first 'date'
  18. Why is he doing this ?
  19. How do I tell him I can't see him for 1 month?
  20. No Sex Before Marriage..
  21. Text from my ex what do you guys think?
  22. To All Men
  23. My friend has a crush on a girl who is interested in me
  24. Ok guys, please help me, I don't want to mess this up
  25. He's moving too fast...
  26. Beautiful but no spark...I can't get a second date!
  27. Confused and under appreciated
  28. I need male advise please
  29. ex-bf isn't normal
  30. When a guy calls a girl "kid"?
  31. Work Problem - How Do I Handle This?
  32. Being romanced v. romancing
  33. Question about ex boyfriend
  34. Cringey question - but how do I pursue something with a guy?
  35. repeating trends in my relationships - insight?
  36. How does a girl let you know politely to back off?
  37. Help me understand
  38. Valentine Surprise for my Man
  39. Mixed signals
  40. Need perspective after break it time to move on?
  41. Women who date around?
  42. Looking for more? Text her?
  43. Emotional or just Physical
  44. He makes me wait for days for a response regarding plans
  45. Hey guys! Rate this girl!
  46. Did I really go from class to trash?
  47. Is my boyfriend gay?
  48. Advice from Mature Male Please
  49. Do I tell him, or not??
  50. Guys is this a valid excuse
  51. please help me understand this guy :(
  52. So confused. Help!
  53. Gift from ex boyfriend?
  54. Why would he lie about his name?
  55. Help/advice
  56. I'm all choked up and he's okay
  57. Why not be smart?
  58. Looking for male opinions
  59. Open Discussion. Guys what do you physically prefer? skinny or curvy? why?
  60. How do I get his interest again? Why has he lost interest?!
  61. Hard to get or sweet and honest?
  62. Skinny or Curvy (PHOTOS)
  63. Is my friend really into his girlfriend?
  64. Marriage proposal and now disappeared ?
  65. Platonic backrub?
  66. What is he trying to do??
  67. Would a guy lie and say he's in a relationship
  68. I'm confused and don't know what to do help!
  69. Is he into me, or has it become routine?
  70. Why does my boyfriend prefer his hand over me?
  71. freak me out??
  72. Do you think I'm naive?
  73. Im I being had, or is this a possibility?
  74. How should I act?
  75. What to do?
  76. How to trust my boyfriend again?
  77. Would You Want To Know
  78. Trying to get a guy in bed with me..
  79. Unrequited love - I need a man's opinion
  80. Physically attracted to a guy, but I don't want a relationship with him.
  81. sex
  82. BF IS SECRETIVE with his cell phone, should I worry?
  83. Did I do something wrong?
  84. how to lay him dwn nicely
  85. What would be a right start?
  86. What would be a right start?
  87. Help
  88. Is he not over her?
  89. Russian hookers & degrading comments, is this just boys being boys or should I hurt
  90. What are the questions that can be asked from a male model?
  91. I think he likes me but he doesn't approach me?
  92. How to tell a guy you have a crush on him without scaring him?
  93. He won't add me on Facebook?
  94. Is it okay to be upset over this / should I end things?
  95. Why would he choose this route?
  96. help?! whats going on? im so confused D:
  97. How to know if a guy love or like you without asking him?
  98. Strange gf
  99. Is it a common thing for guys to not be able to manage money?
  100. So close to cheating and family crisis...leave him alone?
  101. Boyfriend defensive when talking about me wanting more sex
  102. Alright fellas, tell me just whats going on in your heads!
  103. is this an indication he's faithful?
  104. How do you feel about a woman pursuing a man after he rejected her?
  105. On how to approach a guy
  106. Boyfriend got angry when I asked about watching porn?? Help!
  107. LDR problem???
  108. One last time or move on? :(
  109. Does he like me ?
  110. i dont know if i should ask him this?
  111. how to make him love me ?
  112. what does it all mean and what should i do next?
  113. Are we together?
  114. Where to go from here...
  115. Does this guy like me
  116. You! The Dumper Guy.. Breakup FAQs
  117. why are men so quick to jump in but so quick to jump out?
  118. need advice i feel like hes pushing me away
  119. What does it mean when a guy said you are not considering for your bf type of person
  120. I'm hungry what should I do ?
  121. What makes the perfect girlfriend/relationship?
  122. A silly thing apparently - FB status
  123. classy
  124. Dating a stripper
  125. Is he trying to break up with me? or does he just need some space?
  126. Texting your name in a message
  127. Need Advice
  128. My husband has a hard time being a caregiver
  129. my biggest what if
  130. Friends or more?
  131. is it really over?
  132. My boyfriend is signed up for online dating sites. What should I do?
  133. How often do you communicat with someone you are crazy about?!
  134. Would you be pissed if your OH looked at your mail in this situation?
  135. What do i do?
  136. Why do men cheat?
  137. Just a doubt
  138. Need male input on close friendship/almost relationship gone astray...please help. :(
  139. When to Give in?
  140. Help
  141. Why Do My Boyfriends Cheat on me?
  142. crush
  143. what shall i do now, wait or move on? is she playing me?
  144. Confused
  145. Physical attraction V.S. Dating
  146. Strange number, a lot of calls
  147. My gay guy friend & I make out. Any other gay guys do this w/ straight female friend?
  148. Secret love
  149. Help! :(
  150. Lost
  151. How do you feel when a woman texts you first?
  152. need help guys please
  153. Advice on Dating a Stripper
  154. Curious as to what you guys think of this guy
  155. Flavor of the month
  156. Ok men, do you like long hair or short hair better?
  157. HELP!!!!!!! confused
  158. What are men's thoughts on woman taking control in the bedroom ??
  159. Men
  160. How do I tell him that I'm not sure I'm ready for a relationship right now?
  161. Does this boy have a crush on me
  162. I do not understand! Can you offer opinions?
  163. He said he's too busy right now - Help!
  164. Why is he doing that?
  165. Am I ruining my bf's life or holding him back?
  166. How can I socialize and establish a relationship better with girls?
  167. Problems with male friend
  168. I Can't Deal With These Games!
  169. Guys and Breakups
  170. advice needed - does he like me?
  171. Friends (with benefits?)
  172. Free Pass
  173. What men think about female virgins
  174. Her past is bothering me
  175. how to get a career focused man to fall for you??
  176. Friends, lovers or what the heck are we ?
  177. Oh for god I wrong? Help me understand!
  178. What makes a girl "attractive"?
  179. Emailed My Crush A Song But Regreted It HELP
  180. What does it mean?
  181. Guys.. tell me..
  182. A guy is interested in children?
  183. Delayed Broken Heart
  184. how do you guys approach your crush for the first time?
  185. What if I ask him out?
  186. Life long guy friend acting different
  187. My Girlfriend Is Still Hung Up On Her Ex
  188. Is he interested in me and do I still have a chance??
  189. Why are guys such controlling freak?
  190. Looking for a dating coach!
  191. I've forgotten how to be single... I have a crush on my guy friend. What should I do?
  192. Need help getting forgiveness. Guys, what would you do?
  193. What do I do from here?
  194. Did my panicking ruin my relationship for good?
  195. Have you ever had any dating mentor?
  197. what is this girl doing and how do i stop it?!
  198. weird question for the guys:
  199. Should I stay or should I leave?
  200. How to make him feel special
  201. Need help from a shy man please...
  202. long distance broken hearted....male insight needed
  203. Men: Describe your ideal partner!
  204. Trying to figure out what this guy maybe thinking.
  205. Asking a woman a question but she doesn't answer
  206. Gwyneth Paltrow voted world's most beautiful woman...
  207. why does he do these things
  208. Need help from a guy's point of view...please...
  209. Are men capable of real love?
  210. This guy confuses me.
  211. HE moves too fast and then HE freaks out?
  212. He always talks about himself when we're together. Help!
  213. young bald guy
  214. i don't need love
  215. He think's i've snooping.. what do i do....!?
  216. If a mid-late 20's woman only had 1 relationship, what would you think?
  217. what type of gifts given in dating a person?
  218. How do you get him to approach me?
  219. How to give a guy my number?
  220. Something weird
  221. Im so confused shall i dump him?
  222. Reason for a actions?
  223. Tips - how to do things right this time -
  224. whos your idol and how does he strengthen you?
  225. Why Are 'Bad Boys' So Appealing?
  226. Male input needed
  227. How do I get over this? Please help!
  228. How do I know if I'm in his FRIEND ZONE? -- GUYS, help me figure this guy out!
  229. How do I ask the shy guy out?
  230. Male expertise needed
  231. Men - Can you give me some insight?
  232. why didnt he talk to me about it?
  233. different kind of friendzone.please dont judge
  234. Have I Lost Him For Good?
  235. My bf is 44 and I was am his first relationship
  236. How do I gain his forgiveness?
  237. Will he contact me?
  238. Does he like me as more than a friend?
  239. Really need opinions on my ex boyfriend's behavior
  240. Is a hyper/bubbly/happy girl a big turn-off for guys???
  241. Should i reply to his text?
  242. Does He Really Like Me?
  243. 17 years old.
  244. eye wondering husband
  245. How to deal with being inherently unattractive physically?
  246. Men, what do you think I should do or think?
  247. Being reduced to just porn after a breakup is kinda demoralizing.
  248. confused guys! please help!
  249. Physical Attraction
  250. My girlfriend left her facebook open...I got curious..