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  16. Dirty Talk: How to get better at it
  17. miscarriage wasn't mine...
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  19. Blowing an opportunity because of being very shy. Help!
  20. Will this ever end?
  21. Why won't he let me move on and be happy
  22. Will this fear ever end ?
  23. Advice is needed please
  24. Men, would you do this if you're married?
  25. Thoughts Please
  26. Is he nervous around me?
  27. How Much Space?
  28. I need some advice please!
  29. Get the Hookup to Happen
  30. Forever Alone Help...
  31. Boyfriends cheating?
  32. Shied away from him should I apologize?
  33. What is going through his mind?
  34. im confused on what to do!
  35. Does he like/love this girl or its just a crush?
  36. Distant Male Friend?
  37. is guts always right?
  38. What should I do? is he interested?
  39. I tried to get him back without overly begging and pleading, but it still didn't work
  40. does he like me?
  41. Desperate & scared!!
  42. What do you guys think?
  43. I'm SO confused!!!!
  44. Did I screw up?
  45. Am I interested in her? Quick thread!
  46. American Concept of Dating (I'm European)
  47. I could be in trouble...
  48. Women only want him for sex or money?
  49. He shows in so many ways that he loves me, but says he don't know
  50. What Do Guys Really Do When Together?
  51. What is he doing? Caught between my heart and my brain.
  52. How do I know he is interested
  53. A mind game went too far
  54. why does a man ghost after a break up?
  55. Instant Soulmate Sensation with Complications
  56. Should I worry?
  57. How many times will a guy try to get a girl's attention, before he gives up?
  58. Confused if he STILL likes me
  59. Is my sex drive causing my man to feel insecure?
  60. Is he emotionally abusing me?
  61. Guys, my guy friend claims he avoids me due to blueballs. Is this even a real reason?
  62. Need help about a male friend & dating
  63. why dont he wish to contact or see me or even keep in touch on FB?
  64. I am so hurt. I need a mans advice on next steps
  65. Do guys change their mind after sex or am I overreacting?
  66. Does he dislike me?
  67. If a man realizes there is no chance of getting sex, will he drop the friendship?
  68. Confused?
  69. Why Would A Man Contact Their Ex In This Scenario?
  70. How is this Not Cheating?
  71. Advice...overweight chic
  72. Should I give up on him?
  73. Confused????
  74. What is Love?
  75. Ex boyfriend advice - Guys I really need your advice
  76. I wonder if he likes me
  77. Would a guy find this strange or not?
  78. How do I let a guy know I'm interested in hooking up with him?
  79. confused
  80. Is he just not interested?
  81. Ejaculation control advice
  82. How to know if he likes me?
  83. Does he like/love me? (LONG, but PLEASE help!!!! :'( )
  84. is he interested in me?
  85. Why does he want to cut off the relationship?
  86. Is he into me or not?
  87. Can he actually do this to me?
  88. What do you think of this?
  89. Am I overthinking this?
  90. Single / Married women
  91. Does he like me?
  92. Does he like me?
  93. How to tell a male friend that you have feelings for him?
  94. What should i do?
  95. He has a girlfriend but keeps texting and emailing me. What does he want?
  96. My FiancÚ refuses to avoid his Ex
  97. What to do with someone who doesn't seem to want to commit, but gets clingy???
  98. Confused!!
  99. Does he like me?
  100. Asking him out
  101. Boyfriend of 5 years ignoring texts/calls...
  102. Second Chances
  103. Encouraging a stressed friend
  104. What should I do?
  105. Lovemaking..where do you feel the most love in sex?
  106. Has he broken up with me or is he just having space?
  107. Finding love letters from his ex
  108. BF admitted he cheated on both his ex wives
  109. Confused n knocked up
  110. Advice about a girl
  111. I made him wait 5 months before having Sex. He is a Libra Male. Now what??
  112. What do you think hes thinking?
  113. My boyfriend loses his temper if I bring up the fact that he loses his temper
  114. Why would a guy friend call me his 'future wifey'?
  115. Boyfriends family dislikes me and I'm not sure how to deal with it
  116. How long to know if you're interested
  117. 7 years gap. Guy 26 girl 33. Is it ok?
  118. Should I say I like him?
  119. How do I proceed in this as a woman - need a man's opinion
  120. Guys & Fantasies - Why Look Up Other Women if you Have One?
  121. Need advice on a miserable situation, feeling lost and confused
  122. to talk or not to talk to my bf (we have a problem)
  123. Am I overthinking this?
  124. gender weight sensitivity
  125. What does he want?
  126. Why won't he talk about sex on the phone anymore?
  127. Contact or no contact
  128. guys what do you think
  129. Would you drive this far out?
  130. How do I know what he really wants?
  131. What can I expect?
  132. Fwb feelings confusing situation
  133. I hurt him! Can our relationship be saved?
  134. Trying to date coworker
  135. Will he talk to me again? HELP!!!
  136. New relationship
  137. What makes the white girl prettier and more desirable than the black friend
  138. I'm not the only one, PLEASE HELP!!
  139. Friends with Benefits
  140. Why the silence?
  141. Did I make a mistake when I decided to let him go? Broke up last night.
  142. How to Ask A Male Coworker Out
  143. Letting him know my expectations w/o being too pushy
  144. Marriage or no? how long is too long?
  145. Does he like me doing this? HELP
  146. Friend of 17 years, now im in love
  147. Advice from a man please
  148. couple of questions
  149. Bae's Bestie Ruined Everything
  150. I'm lost brothers advice please..
  151. No sex for me?! Male perspective needed
  152. What next?
  153. Looking for Advice
  154. Does it seem like this guy is just looking for a temporary fling or more?
  155. Why is this happening?
  156. Complicated - can I change him? For our baby's sake???
  157. Men Do you Like or Mind if your Women Cuss A LOT?
  158. Is he a lost cause ?
  159. Is my guy friend interested in me? Possibly ?
  160. So drunk that she cheated? Help
  161. what does he mean?
  162. Continuation from my last thread- is he giving me mixed signals? LONG :) plz advice
  163. should i just move on???
  164. Does he like me - blushing guy!
  165. Ok men, how do I get his attention?
  166. Coworker held my hands
  167. what is going on in his head?
  168. Married guy , didn't give a closure - Please Help!!!!!!!!!!
  169. Does he love me or what?
  170. Can a man really change his cheating, lying ways???
  171. Why hasn't he kissed me?
  172. Risky Business
  173. Definition of "romantic"
  174. What should I do?
  175. Flying around the world for THAT guy. Stupid?
  176. How did this guy friend I liked and had a nice bond with become a total stranger ?
  177. Butt
  178. I need help please
  179. should I tell him how i feel ?so confused
  180. Mixed messages
  181. What's up with this guy? Any insight?
  182. My Boyfriend Tracks My Cell Phone: How Can I Get Him To Choose Me and Trust Me?
  183. don't know what to do
  184. Dazed and confused with the guy I "think" Im talking to.... PLEASE HELP!!!!
  185. Need advice, he's so confusing.....
  186. Is this the end?
  187. Nobody Is Interested
  188. Is it no respect he shows or I'm just crazy
  189. Tips on BJs
  190. I don't understand him! Help me?
  191. I like him, I may have messed up. Help me please
  192. Does this mean he likes me? How do I let him know? (Mormon missionary)
  193. When boyfriend wants time to think.
  194. Hey fellas! Need your honest opinions
  195. Crazy
  196. Are most of guys are less romantic or they just don't really care?
  197. Personal Trainer dilemma - please help - Advice needed!!
  198. Email from dumper after 6 months of NC
  199. does he like me or not ?
  200. My Kids
  201. How to get back a commitaphobe exboyfriend
  202. Getting ignored by crush
  203. Like a guy who's still reeling from something, need advice on how and if to proceed
  204. Does he like me or are we just friends?
  205. Squirting: Do Men Like It?
  206. how to re-approach her ??
  207. Did I ruin this or is the breakup my fault?
  208. Is he still interested?
  209. men drama
  210. Making the best of time
  211. What is a good man?
  212. Did he ever care for me?
  213. Am I being ghosted?
  214. BF acting strange. Jealousy, upcoming date and marriage plans...
  215. Does he actually like me or is he trying to get in my pants?
  216. Possible hot date advice
  217. Found out through social media he has a girlfriend.
  218. Why did he do that?
  219. Crush on my lawyer
  220. Being FWB zoned?
  221. No contact for two weeks after family being involved? Can I fix it?
  222. Texting and not responding
  223. LRD broke-up, ex might be seeing someone new?
  224. Guys im a girl needing your advice!
  225. Unapproachable
  226. Should I tell him how I feel??
  227. Why did he cheat
  228. Problem breaking up / Talking
  229. Guy's advice needed!!
  230. Friend x sex. Need an advice please!
  231. Asking a guy friend out
  232. Signals from guy friend
  233. should i ask for a fresh start and pursue a man that i think can be the right one?
  234. If you have nothing in common...will it work/???
  235. Inlove with a guy who isn't inlove with me yet, though he says he has feelings
  236. When you love her but you know your life is suck
  237. Could you ever like a boyish girl?
  238. How can I leave without hurting him
  239. Separated guy ends it what now?
  240. 10 years of an emotional affair - and now it's over
  241. Need a male perspective
  242. Thoughts on taking a guy on an overseas trip, whom I am not dating yet?
  243. Confused 28 infatuated with a 60 year old
  244. Very Confused and don't know what to do
  245. Single for little over a year, thinking about giving 2nd chance. Male opinions pleas
  246. a fall back or Is he really sorry???
  247. a fall back or Is he really sorry???
  248. Does He Like Me?
  249. please help! so confused....
  250. He likes me he likes me not..