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  1. He's leaving
  2. Dating online
  3. Is He Losing Interest?
  4. Does he like me? What does he want???
  5. i'm confused... pls help!
  6. Is he interested? Or just being polite?
  7. I can't take it anymore
  8. kissing my boyfriend???
  9. What do you think
  10. Would I regret it?
  11. What does he want?
  12. Why does he do this?
  13. why is he like that??? pls give me your opinion
  14. Does guys like fire?
  15. stick to me?
  16. gift idea?
  17. Is this normal?
  18. Why do guys leave hickies on girls necks?
  19. GEMINIs
  20. friends?? what the hell is that???
  21. My Boyfriends Ex is Driving Me Crazy
  22. Please Help!
  23. need a mans opinion
  24. boyfriend baffles
  25. The ways
  26. casual relationships
  27. stubborn
  28. Should I continue ?
  29. men are confusing!?
  30. Will you go for a trip with your ex-gf?
  31. Confused: my crush is a married man
  32. So he walked out.... AM I WRONG??? I NEED HELP ASAP
  33. In love or in lust?
  34. Pushing me away..
  35. boyfriends mom doesnt know were together
  36. Would you eat out a girl on period?
  37. whats going on with my bf?
  38. is he interested in me?
  39. haha! your opinion guys...
  40. boobaa et al.
  41. My bf suddenly wants to wait until marriage to have sex.....
  42. what the Hell is Space???
  43. Women getting married to younger guy
  44. GUYS i really need ur answers pls:(
  45. Sensitive???
  46. Guys not noticing me...
  47. What do women do for men?
  48. not sure...
  49. I dont understand at all i guess
  50. do you think he likes me???
  51. how to handle this
  52. smelling your fingers
  53. attracted
  54. i need some enlightenment guys me here !!!
  55. Why did he drop conversation?
  56. Advice about boyfriend's relationship with sister
  57. what to say
  58. Falling in love..
  59. Bad Teeth
  60. Help me guys please. I want to know what he meant
  61. Are most men like this?!
  62. does my guy friend like me more than a friend?
  63. Something romantic...
  64. blow jobs!!
  65. Confused and Wasting Time
  66. any help would be appreciated
  67. do guys like romantic gestures?
  68. Firting and Single...
  69. Proposal in just three days
  70. Uncertainty!
  71. Need help...with bf
  72. Turn One night stand into a Relationship?
  73. 1 year anniversary
  74. When will you show the photo to your family?
  75. what's he thinking??
  76. Conversation topics
  77. Kindly help please..
  78. Quantity or Quality...?
  79. should i be concerned or not?
  80. why do males at clubs wear long sleeved shirts?
  81. How long can guys go without having sex?
  82. He Wants to Marry, But We Have Problems
  83. my boyfirend is so cold
  84. what is the normal size?
  85. Controlling your load
  86. my good guy friend and i kissed!
  87. Hitting on girls
  88. what does it mean when he winks at you?
  89. What Does This Mean
  90. Really need a mans opinion
  91. what was he thinking
  92. just 'friends'?
  93. He's Depressed
  94. Is 100% faithfulness possible?
  95. Would you date a "working girl"
  96. want to stop sex
  97. Opinions needed.
  98. "Guys Night Out"
  99. does he like me or does he jus wanna be friends?
  100. Turn On's
  101. I need some serious feedback from you guys
  102. Dating Question for my Roomate
  103. What do you guys think about him?
  104. Does he still love me?
  105. confused!
  106. my heart still hurts
  107. What is this?
  108. getting noticed...
  109. Please help, what is he thinking?
  110. what does this mean?
  111. Men Wanted
  112. Girl Friend Material
  113. Help Big Time!!!!
  114. should i break up with him?
  115. Where do I go to meet girls?????
  116. confused about my ex?
  117. avoidant personality/social anxiety
  118. dubin
  119. How to have fun with a visual man
  120. Guys: What would you do?
  121. HELP i'm afraid to be nude.
  122. shall i wait or move on? what do i d, i want her back
  123. Will my ex ever want me to get back with him?
  124. Need some help.
  125. what matters in a relationship? DISCUSSION
  126. Hard to let go!
  127. Not ready to settle?
  128. how hard it is for guys to resist desires?
  129. My boyfriend doesn't kiss me
  130. Is he For Real?
  131. a story of a crush - opinions, please
  132. What should I do with my ex? please help ?
  133. alright, I posted this somewhere else too..but I wanna know from YOU GUYS!! ....
  134. Older guy, younger girl
  135. Guys, your thoughts on PDA?
  136. How long is standard in your minds....
  137. Ladies Are Unfriendly?
  138. Is It Even Possible...
  139. Anyone in same situation or have any suggestion?
  140. How do you get rid of your crush's sticky ex-boyfriend?
  141. my foreign it completely lost?
  142. most successful way to ask a girl out
  143. my bf needs his friends more than me...
  144. when the female takes control
  145. It's time to grow up, guys!
  146. Does he still love me??
  147. please help me
  148. How do you refuse a date without sounding clichéd?
  149. How can i get rid of him ? he might has my nude pics
  150. Not enough space? Its a long explination but I NEED the advice
  151. Are Men "Scared" of Virgins???
  152. Confused
  153. shaving rash
  154. Does he love me?
  155. vanishing date...
  156. What do guys like for birthday present from GF?
  157. pursue a guy?
  158. Ladies, want to REALLY meet men?
  159. Friendship ending because of wanting more..
  160. Am I just a friend to him?
  161. Very insecure BF
  162. Is it time to end it?
  163. Dont know wut to plz
  164. Monogamy
  165. Is this normal?
  166. marshe
  167. Guy who appears suddenly around me all the time
  168. I don't know what to do...
  169. Can you explain this guys? please?
  170. Tell me something
  171. Advice needed
  172. He says NO to sex!
  173. Talking to bf about possible open relationship?
  174. Guy says I love you way too soon??? Or is it me?
  175. Move on?
  176. Ok Guys, I need your help..........
  177. It's Getting HOT in Here!
  178. Ways to break it off... how about this???
  179. not faithful till marriage?
  180. What Turns Women on?
  181. Would any guy be interested in dating a beautifull 6 feet tall asexual blond?
  182. guys, i'm quite confused
  183. When A Guy Says This
  184. Am I just too needy??
  185. Invite to his apartment
  186. Looking for a guys perspective...he loves me but im not his gf...
  187. is he really that interested?
  188. Is he at all interested?
  189. He Invited Me Over After a Month of Not Talking..
  190. Suggestions for long distance relationship
  191. a guy not in love
  192. Needing a guy's perspective here..
  193. HELP GUYS ASAP. i need to deal with 1 of ur kind
  194. my boyfriend won't have sex with me but he will masturbate
  195. Is it Physical Attraction Or Not....
  196. Should I take his threat seriously?
  197. A guy calls me a wrong name!?
  198. Need Help!!!!!!!!
  199. What Women Do That Make Men Go Crazy?
  200. What does his group sex/orgy fantasy mean?
  201. Watching porn- what is he thinking? Does it mean anything about me/us?
  202. Thoughts about a 3-some with two guys and a girl?
  203. i don't know what to think
  204. is he interested in me, or am i just a fling/substitute
  205. Please help... I need ideas
  206. Turn girl down because she's too pretty?
  207. confused with my guy friend..
  208. Am I over-reacting?
  209. jealousy?
  210. self-diagnosis - unsolved problems
  211. Is my fiance taking me for granted
  212. How to get close to a guy/get his contact?
  213. Overly pathetic, what can I do?
  214. Is he really interested or just taking me on a ride?
  215. Ok boys, here’s another pathetic case!
  216. Crazy Ex, Extreme Awkwardness, Bollywood-esque plotline, Need Input!
  217. Crazy Ex, Extreme Awkwardness, Bollywood-esque plotline, Need Input!
  218. Who would you choose?
  219. Im so disappointed....
  220. anyone have any comments on this?
  221. what should I do?
  222. Unnecessary jealousy?
  223. Female version of yourself, or someone who can complement you well...
  224. Technically speaking: was this wrong, or did I have a right regardless?
  225. Thoughts on dating women with kids
  226. I am living with BF and he keeps many photos of his ex- should I say anything?
  227. on-line dating..why does he not contact me?
  228. Need some advice from a guy please
  229. Does he like me or not????
  230. Is He In Love?
  231. 2+1= not gonna happen
  232. "Can we be friends?"
  233. what does he mean??
  234. He says i love you but im not so sure this time around....
  235. Confused about relationship
  236. Wny is he doing this?
  237. how do i get to spend time with this guy?!
  238. Lost..Help
  239. Guy advice needed?
  240. Stalking Victim
  241. Need your help guys! - will he not call?
  242. Male Stripper Club
  243. I'm still in love with my x-boyfriend....
  244. Having Trouble Meeting Guys
  245. Should I Stay or Should I Go?
  246. Got dumped suddenly...what to think?
  247. How to remind him?
  248. no calls after making out
  249. blowjob
  250. Update - first date & questions