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  1. What is going on in that head of his...? Need some advice
  2. Hiding behind IM
  3. He says he's unsure...
  4. Should i wait for him or move on?
  5. serious?
  6. Men and Connection....
  7. Truth or just a really bad lie?
  8. what is inside a boys brain? Im ready to hear the truth
  9. Am I impatient or insane?
  10. Advice from a male perspective
  11. Ex popping up at places I go?
  12. really confused!! <guys perspective pls!!!!>
  13. What's up with this?
  14. What is wrong with me? Why do I always attract the same men who lose interest so fast
  15. flirting or interested
  16. Crazy about him...
  17. guys, how do we respond to this crap our girls say?
  18. Is he really just a friend? I'm so confused...
  19. Lasting longer in bed a bad sign?
  20. what does this mean?
  21. what does it take to be considered girlfriend material??
  22. Need a guy's perspective. Why is my husband nicer to me now that he doesn't have me?
  23. Do straight men in their 20s ever want to just be friends?
  24. Drinking Too Much?
  25. Why do men do stupid stuff?
  26. To "break" or not to "break"?
  27. confused about a guys behaviour and crying
  28. Touching is it a sign?
  29. i have a question for the fellas
  30. What does he want? I'm so confused...
  31. Jelwery question
  32. Am I the only guy who hates things like Twilight and Jonas Brothers with a passion?
  33. Pedicures for a Man
  34. What's my next move?
  35. He loves me but is no longer physically attracted to me anymore...
  36. I'm stuck....
  37. Need male advice
  38. Are you guys really that clueless, or is it some sort of ruse?
  39. Men, lets see if you can help me understand more, re: porn
  40. What makes you want to marry?
  41. Need help - we're driving each other crazy!
  42. Met a guy at a party and he wants to hang out again but I don't
  43. Ex Acting Absolutely Irrational....
  44. You look nice? So vague, but I have to wonder.
  45. I feel really bad..I should have helped him while I could. Now he's gone.
  46. I need some advice..
  47. Don't wait for me?
  48. Shy guy or just not interest?
  49. Advice please!!!
  50. Is this flirting or is he into me?
  51. What kind of present would you be happy to recieve from your girl?
  52. How to find a lovable female if you are a home-obsessed male?
  53. Responding to a compliment with "I'm glad you still think that..."!!
  54. Ask Paul Cho!
  55. Need advice!
  56. I got played, how can I deal?
  57. I think my BF cheated...not sure?
  58. guyyss what would you wnat the girll to do, over text or person??
  59. Question..
  60. heelppp mee need advice
  61. How to reconnect with a guy you broke it off with
  62. When a GIRL says I love you
  63. Single mother advice please....
  64. Reasons to be concerned?
  65. help!? a little long... sorry...
  66. What can you say about this!
  67. Want to be friends with ex-boyfriend from 20 years ago.
  68. Need Advice!!
  69. And he said "I feel friendly and sexual feelings"
  70. Feeling guilty
  71. 8 years later!
  72. Is he flirting or are we just friends?
  73. Was this meant for me?
  74. need a guy's perspective...what does this mean?
  75. Where do men see a line between a confident girl and someone with an ego?
  76. please spend one minute to read it !
  77. ♪Stuck! Don't know how to talk to him, get his attention, etc...♪
  78. If you were this guy, what do those mean to you?
  79. Boyfriend Not Passionate Enough- Need a Male Perspective
  80. Do I have ANY chance with this guy at work?
  81. Another question for the guys out there
  82. Facebook hints or just good fun
  83. Is he a lost cause?
  84. Need advice from Introvert Guys
  85. Is it true a man will love his kids more/less depending on how much he loves the mum?
  86. Why do guys lose interest?
  87. My bf texts a lot and checking his cell a can I ask him?
  88. Need a males point of view
  89. Guys out there gimme your opinion pleeeez
  90. The dreaded rebound scenario--wanting some opinions guys!
  91. If he does not want me anymore, why wouldn't he delete me from his skype contact list
  92. Why won't my husband agree to an open relationship?
  93. Rubbing it in???
  94. Am I perceived by my date as sincerely sexy? Or just a slut that gives a good lay?
  95. My ex told me 'I'm so dramatic'. Am I? Maybe...haha
  96. not ready for a relationship??
  97. what is this mean ??
  98. I was so Immature
  99. What does this guy want?
  100. Does he or doesn't he?
  101. Am I communicating correctly?
  102. Does he like me? Or he is just being friendly?? HELP
  103. ..anybody feel like helping a damsel in SLIGHT distress? :)
  104. flirting too much?
  105. Not getting enough from him.
  106. confused!!
  107. How not to scare guys away
  108. Odd question on body language
  109. Help-am I overreacting? is it culture thing? or difference in genders?
  110. How would guys interpret this behaviour?
  111. need a guys opinion.....
  112. How do you know when the time is right to sleep with a man?
  113. Is it possible for a guy to know immediately if he has found the right girl?
  114. How to get the guy you want
  115. he's confuse maybe? what do u think?
  116. best friend or not even friend?
  117. Am I over reacting?
  118. dont even know which sex to ask anymore about sex
  119. desperate for your thoughts
  120. Just Overheard my Roommate's New Boyfriend on the Phone.
  121. Met with ex...what did he think?
  122. Troubled with gamers
  123. GF Cleaning Your House...yay or nay?
  124. Can a Man truly be loyal?
  125. He won't say anything - does he enjoy the sex?
  126. A question about men.
  127. Does he Love me?
  128. Asking guys: "Do you love this person or just "F" buddy??
  129. Woman calling a man
  130. What is going on in his mind?
  131. Very frustrated...
  132. why does it seem like only sex makes him happy?
  133. Advice to an 18-year-old
  134. Weird behavior of my boyfriend after breakup..Please help!!!
  135. Who do men prefer saying ....
  136. Help me spice up our sex life!!!
  137. What do men mean?
  138. Issues With My Male Roommate.
  139. Why would he do this?
  140. The big bad L word.
  141. lost and possibly delusional
  142. Fiancee's Elderly Male Friend seems Overfamiliar - Problem?
  143. Forgive him or not?
  144. If its not good enough for his sisters then it shouldnt be good enough for me, right?
  145. Do men like being told they are good in bed?
  146. Why wont he marry me?
  147. Why would you leave your girlfriend without a formal closure?
  148. Does guys often look up to their ex?
  149. Very confused on his intentions.
  150. Men and Compliments
  151. Men who won't commit but still treat you like a girlfriend?
  152. Please, plead read. A "break" after 3 years?
  153. Where are the decent men hiding....
  154. seems interested, but nervous
  155. is he shy, uninterested, taking it slow or just enjoying my attention?
  156. What is going on with him?
  157. i don't understand my boyfriend!!! ;(
  158. What do you think of boyfriends who are a-holes?
  159. getting to know each other vs sex
  160. Guys opinions on this please
  161. Should I try to talk to him...?
  162. So Confused!!! Need outside opinions please... LDR and Open Relationship
  163. Guys are we constantly menstruating?
  164. Question for the guys
  165. Men and sex; is this "normal"/healthy?
  166. hi
  167. How to tell if a guy just wants to get laid?
  168. Your physical ideal mate (survey)
  169. hey guys
  170. Was i being selfish?
  171. what he wants??
  172. Confused need males thoughts and views.
  173. Does He Like Me? (please no hateful comments)
  174. Awkward distance
  175. idk?
  176. Do I have a problem
  177. Can you tell what a guy thinks of you by the way he looks at you?
  178. I really need some help!
  179. do guys take it as a flirt if your nipples come through?
  180. Does he have feelings for me?
  181. Moving to Fast?
  182. bf hd slept wid 1st cousin,n now alwys wid
  183. Need some feedback about my boyfriend.
  184. How long will a guy in a relationship wait for sex?
  185. How would you react if your gf told you she was a virgin?
  186. Handjobs
  187. what do i do?
  188. blahblahblah a scenario
  189. He buys a ring, but wants to talk before we decide if we're even dating...???
  190. Should i call him?! Would he want me back?!
  191. truth when drinking?
  192. Have his feelings changed?
  193. Not sure?
  194. Is it normal to constantly picture others while having sex with your gf?
  195. How to show him that i love him..
  196. need advice
  197. Condom use...
  198. I think I did the right thing!
  199. should I, shouldn't I - what does it all mean
  200. what should i do? im in this situation
  201. A very important question
  202. Ive known this guy for years and he was never interested until now, why?
  203. Did I Misinterpret Him?
  204. Fling or not for him?
  205. Dating younger women
  206. Boyfriend never wants to go anywhere!
  207. How do I convince him we should move on?
  208. He won't stop treating me like a friend!
  209. Labido....
  210. Sick of it!!
  211. Do you think this is fair??
  212. Saying "I love you".
  213. dating a best friend
  214. Want to know if my boyfriend knows he has me....
  215. Need some ideas
  216. Can I be 100% sure he likes me? And what to do?
  217. Flirting Techniques of a Player?
  218. need a man's opinion
  219. Wonder if male coworker likes me?
  220. We kissed, but now what?
  221. He says he likes me, but wants to take it slow... Also, should I pay for a date?
  222. If a guy doesn't want to argue, does it mean he doesn't care?
  223. Avoiding conversation
  224. Am I overreacting?
  225. guy's could you possibly explain this guy's behavior?
  226. Stringing along with no real reason
  227. Men, please read this email from the guy I've been emailing, I'm a little scared
  228. Why do guys take long time to reply to emails?
  229. Why is he doing this?
  230. Ask a dude anything.
  231. Facebook pics
  232. Trouble with relationship
  233. How to get over your ex fast!
  234. Losing to your girlfriend
  235. please help (i like a guy who is about to get married but still denies it)
  236. What do you men think of picnics?
  237. Ex said we are not getting back together but he still calls me
  238. How to tell if your just a game to a guy?
  239. How to get back with your Ex
  240. Girlfriend close to home
  241. boyfriend problems
  242. Do guys ever get sick of bare bottoms/boobs of their lover?
  243. broken trust
  244. Help GUYS I Cheated
  245. sex and speaking?
  246. Need help about a Pisces Guy ;(
  247. Is this normal behaviour?
  248. wtf so confused!
  249. dumped boyfriend after one year of long distance
  250. How to love her..