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  1. what should i do?
  2. Skanky Women
  3. Virgins
  4. Online dating sites
  5. Can you explain to me?
  6. How easily hurt do you guys get....?
  7. Bunny boiler?
  8. "I know, but you don't have to say that" means what?
  9. What should I do?
  10. What should I do about this?
  11. Need advice-this is serious
  12. Penis pills
  13. How to know if a guy is interested?
  14. is he messing around?
  15. confused..
  16. why does he flirt?
  17. Is He F**king with my head?
  18. Is he using me?
  19. Would like your opinion
  20. And Now What?
  21. Is he serious?
  22. Don't know?
  23. Can straight guys be bi-curious?
  24. Should I tell him?
  25. Never re-marry? Then why... (short)
  26. Guys, how often is sex on your mind?
  27. 2 Part Question about my Bi-Sexual GF...
  28. Please help me clean up the mess I've made!
  29. Answering Her Questions
  30. My fellow guys, what do you look for in a girl
  31. A question for you guys?
  32. Guys hugging guys
  33. Is this true for most men?
  34. Affairs?
  35. Will he like it?
  36. Lost interest?
  37. Curvy or Skinny?
  38. Relationships
  39. Fantasies
  40. Accidental touch or flirt?
  41. Boys Minds..
  42. 3-way follow-up
  43. Whats the problem!!
  44. What Do Men Want?
  45. how to tell?
  46. Sex, love or friendship???
  47. Help to get a number
  48. Is she right??
  49. Are extremely large boobs unattractive?
  50. confused... LOADS
  51. BF Has Too Many Girl Friends??
  52. Shaven Haven??
  53. Trying to Understand
  54. Do you stay?
  55. ex boyfriend...
  56. signs a friend is interested in more than friendship
  57. fat girls?
  58. best friend, lover, potential BF material?
  59. what does it mean?
  60. Drunk kiss + friendship
  61. Do I have a problem???
  62. Makeup...
  63. Birthday presents
  64. Another "Which do guys prefer thread.."
  65. How to win the ex back that i dumped?
  66. Older girl with little boy?
  67. what does it mean?
  68. Is he just not into me?
  69. shaving
  70. says hes met someone else...
  71. How soon?
  72. asian girls?
  73. planned romantic night
  74. How Do Men Think When It Comes to Liking a Girl?
  75. Jelous bitchy, slutty chick.. please help...
  76. Need your comments about this......
  77. I Want Him Back
  78. He froze up when I tried to talk to him.Why?
  79. what can I do ?
  80. My ex wont give me my things back...
  81. How often do you masturbate
  82. What to Say????
  83. Guys. .how would you handle this?
  84. Wants to show my parts?
  85. Bud
  86. Nice Guys vs. Jerks
  87. All Men: Please Interpret This!
  88. I'm not easy... am I?
  89. Guys: "in love"?
  90. He's just not that into you - is it true?
  91. How annoying is it when a girl you like drunk dials you?
  92. Being Playful with a Date or on a Date
  93. i like him but should i meet with him?
  94. Serious Problem
  95. Replacement sex?
  96. Bladder stones.. yum
  97. Loveforum Rules/Guidelines
  98. Red flag guys?
  99. Totally confused -- Please HElpppp...
  100. He isn't calling
  101. At what age do you consider a woman to be "past it " ?
  102. Lost iN space.
  103. Expensive payback
  104. Friendly or more??
  105. Hey dudes.. boxer briefs?
  106. thongs
  107. Is It All About Sex ?
  108. compliments? do u mean it?
  109. Girlfriend hugging others?
  110. Guys what would you do if you found out your g/f was bisexual?
  111. Help me get over my ex-boyfriend!
  112. Sweetest Thing She's Done For You...
  113. guys..its never going to stop is it?
  114. Are mens a little bitte SM whit them feelings???
  115. Main reason you want/wanted a multiple partner
  116. Dealing with jealousy
  117. Poll
  118. One question for the mens who are dating online.....
  119. help
  120. Need a little advice
  121. does he still love me
  122. Checking out other women
  123. Do men find pregnant women sexy?
  124. guys in highschool?
  125. Whats wrong...is it me or my hubby?
  126. help me................
  127. birthday present help
  128. How to turn a "fake bf" to a "real one"?
  129. Sox
  130. Did I insult him or is he not interested in me?
  131. Any ideas?
  132. Has anybody ever dated a clingy chick?
  133. would you....
  134. More tips for guys
  135. confused.. help?
  136. Guys, he says he loves me but keeps breaking plans
  137. Please men I need your advice.
  138. i dont know how to make it better
  139. should i keep pursuing
  140. He says he loves me but cant give me what I need
  141. I Have A Problem Need Help Now
  142. i was her.. now i am the other woman
  143. what is wrong with him
  144. Subtle touch:flirting?
  145. My male advice to women
  146. The ex
  147. Some Conversational Suggestions Wanted
  148. What makes her attractive?
  149. pls help
  150. New clothes
  151. the truth...
  152. lika a soap opera...
  153. What will you say??
  154. He is older
  155. question about calling..
  156. Kissing a girl in the first evening
  157. Guys! What will you do??
  158. ----friends or lovers----
  159. Ex lovers relaitionships
  160. is he into me?really desperate to know.
  161. Guys read please.
  162. Do "You" feel Love different then "Me"?
  163. Think I messed up
  164. My boyfriend, mans P.O.V advice please!!!!
  165. when you are angry at your SO
  166. What do women want?
  167. so i told you my story and heres an update.
  168. body language
  169. Why do people cheat?
  170. What do you want??
  171. He's pissed off
  172. Any thoughts on this?
  173. what's it mean?
  174. serious woman
  175. Would it seem as if. . . .
  176. Chasing exes
  177. Why must every guy look at porn?
  178. wot diffrent???
  179. Revenge
  180. Hes got a girlfriend but.....
  181. Boyfriend chasing other girl even though he's happy?
  182. Ex still giving me trouble but...
  183. What to do about a friend
  184. Shy or confident girls?
  185. Is this shy guys way to get close to me?
  186. Does this make you uncomfy?
  187. Marriage.. do guys think its a joke?
  188. Things that drive you crazy..
  189. Sex buddies?
  190. Mixed feelings or denial
  191. what do guys really think...
  192. from a guy for the guys
  193. Am I trippin'? Help
  194. Need Advice from Men
  195. is it safe?
  197. How to overcome this?
  198. My man and if we should be together...baby involved.
  199. Manipulations
  200. whats the best way to win a guy back
  201. How do you think the 3 persons ?
  202. Hypothetical Question
  203. how can a father ignore his bio son
  204. Why did she do that????
  205. Is it over????......just for now
  206. high-maintenance girls
  207. online dating
  208. Big Problem! Do I Cut Him Off Or Show Him Support?!! Help!!!!!
  209. Hi guys... question???
  210. I REALLY am desperate for some advice please...
  211. Friend's ex
  212. Two most loved females in my life...
  213. Is this a sigh
  214. why don't guys just say what they really want?
  215. Re-Love again?
  216. Guys I'm Confused....
  217. gifts for ur birthday?!
  218. how to cuddle with her?
  219. frigid bf?
  220. shy guy, where does he stand?
  221. i am so confused.should i walk away?
  222. the perfect boyfriend
  223. lies
  224. is it a date or just friends??
  225. is he a prick
  226. help?
  227. How Do I Fix This?
  228. Confused...
  229. Men and respect
  230. big tits or not?
  231. Poll: What's More Important?
  232. how big is your penis?
  233. Why single?
  234. I'm so confused by his behavior!!!! Please help!
  235. Expectations
  236. Why?
  237. this is a little harsh
  238. 22 female here need advice from guys on new guy im ummm havin intimate relations w/:)
  239. help for a distressed girlfriend
  240. having trouble between galfrnd and porn
  241. doesn't love me back...
  242. Man's labyrinth-Help me find his end
  243. What is my ex thinking about my new boyfriend?
  244. What do U think
  245. "She's nice and wise, but..."
  246. What would be your reason to stare at a girl?
  247. a lil advice from you would be gr8
  248. should i be concerned??
  249. boyfriend doesn't know I have a TATTOO
  250. should I be concerned