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  1. First Date
  2. Psyching Yourself Up
  3. What to wear
  4. Body Image
  5. Typical Places to Go for the First Date
  6. New Ideas for the First Date
  7. Being Creative
  8. Know Where You're Going and How You're Getting There
  9. Bringing Gifts
  10. Dating Dos
  11. Dating Don'ts
  12. Being a Good Conversationalist
  13. The Pitfalls of Conversation
  14. Getting Over the "I Don't Know" Block
  15. Touchy and Taboo Topics
  16. Show and Tell
  17. Who Pays
  18. To Kiss or Not to Kiss
  19. How To Tell If S/he's Interested
  20. How to End the Date
  21. After the Big Date
  22. Next-Day Thoughts
  23. Whether It's Going Anywhere
  24. Another Chance