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  1. I'm I obsessed w/ her or what, what am I feeling??
  2. Feeling pretty good
  3. I kind of fancy this girl...
  4. Gaining self-confidence?
  5. Finally getting it right. Trying to keep faith.
  6. Angry, needy and take things too personally
  7. Spirituality
  8. Gaining Weight!
  9. Ladies! What do you look for in a man?
  10. Why go back?
  11. Hitting a person
  12. Do you need put you life in order? I feel that I do. But how to do it?
  13. Feel depressive:(People say that the power of positive thinking will help.Is it true?
  14. Help Me I'm Relapsing!
  15. Always comparing myself to others...self esteem issues
  16. Procrastination
  17. Im too nice....how do i change this
  18. moving on
  19. Obsessive Behavior.
  20. can i call this life?
  21. Am I a narcissitic sociopath?
  22. no relationship = no sex
  23. A variety of issues.
  24. Trying to become more social
  25. How to get over hormones?
  26. Wondering why I'm numb?
  27. I want to change my job but I'm desperately afraid of changing jobs....
  28. Just so this hangs here
  29. Back in Action!
  30. Need help quitting facebook
  31. Self-esteem.
  32. Being obsessive
  33. He's gone downhill. Help?
  34. Social Standards and Etiquette
  35. How to become more confident?
  36. [Inspiring share] Older, and still getting wiser
  37. How to deal with regret?
  38. Kids really DO say the darndest things....dating/parenting.
  39. Who is morally corrupt - an honest prostitute or a lying/cheating girlfriend???
  40. Job Troubles
  41. It's a confidence thing?
  42. Considering Moving
  43. I know I can be a wonderful boyfriend if given the chance, why hide it?
  44. My "Strange" Brain
  45. Sticking up for my girlfriend, am I a wuss?
  46. My annoying mind...
  47. Professional Experience Question
  48. Almost painfully shy..
  49. AIM Screen Name
  50. The trick is being yourself? I'm doomed...
  51. "Tell Them Off" Thread!
  52. Does everyone have different emotional needs?
  53. 30 Days No Contact
  54. I am in a great need of help!!!!!!please oh please!!!!
  55. I did it! Now I need some help. No contact?
  56. Lifestyle change
  57. My shyness is ruling my life!
  58. A weird turn of events
  59. what category do my issues fall under?!
  60. I'm trapped in this paradigm.
  61. Fitness journey and photo-log
  62. I have a problem with my appetite
  63. going to a night club alone - should I or shouldn't I?
  64. prostitution has scarred me for life
  65. Mistakes, but im learning
  66. Advice to an 18-year-old
  67. My sick/twisted life. Help?
  68. Need some jealousy advice??
  69. How to learn Japanese
  70. loan for a loan
  71. Should I have been jelous?
  72. Just crush or something more.help.
  73. How to get over being shy?
  74. Ahhh... bridezilla friend is no longer
  75. Need advice- Have girlfriend I love, but have hard to control "urges"
  76. what is wrong with me??
  77. Depression.
  78. Anyone else know about memetics and memes?
  79. So my fiance's on probation ...
  80. Confidence
  81. Fitness Advice Available If Needed!
  82. I should really find things to do...
  83. Changing Tastes
  84. Boosting Your Friend's Confidence - PLEASE HELP
  85. Confidence
  86. i can't just "get over it" ..
  87. Dont pick as a chicken, fly as an eagle?
  88. Mind Over Matter ☯ [Increase Your Pain Resistance]
  89. Update, from Tex.
  90. Interview Help
  91. Having Some Issues...
  92. Helping too much
  93. What are the right reasons to want a SO?
  94. Loss of motivation
  95. wanting to put weight back on? well... that's a first.
  96. Im Annoyed about EVERYTHING!!!!!
  97. Meet Ups
  98. Why does my brother act in these ways?need advice and help on this,,,,
  99. Article: Suggestive themes and Hypnotism.
  100. Career Advice...sooooo stressed
  101. Going clear across the US...... again
  102. Why does my brother act in these ways?need advice and help on this
  103. Advice on improving myself?
  104. What is my brother's problem?is he stupid?or trying to prove himself?
  105. Advice for some issues.
  106. Completely changing my life, advice would be helpful
  107. what is wrong with this guy?not a relationship question but a sensitive issue...
  108. a to much sensitve case please help me ???
  109. Poetry from all over the world
  110. Can't do dates
  111. Unhappy. All a Matter of Perspective? Or Do I Just Fail At Life?
  112. Music / Notes
  113. Feeling down?
  114. Doing Something Morally Objectional...
  115. I am a big joke to my old friends.
  116. Need all the truthful responses I can get!!!! PLEASE RESPOND!!!!
  117. How can I improve my looks? (1-10)
  118. How attractive/unattractive am I?
  119. Is It Me?
  120. Is this legitamite?
  121. Maintaining confidence in myself
  122. How can I make new friends?
  123. Dealing with exhaustion
  124. Having a Rough Time Enjoying Life
  125. Emotional damage after cheating
  126. My Bush Got A Trim
  127. Which Look Do You Prefer
  128. Do nice guys really finish last???
  129. In a verrrry sticky situation... maybe?
  130. I think I'm losing my soul...
  131. Panic attacks?
  132. I have trouble sharing details about myself to friends
  133. Ode to the Ladies
  134. Need Help putting aside worries and enjoying life
  135. I was abandoned/neglected and I feel like I did something wrong...
  136. I hate the family model these days...
  137. Afraid to not smile...advice plz.
  138. advice on some things ?
  139. Overcoming Trust Issues
  140. Jealousy ruins my life.. :(
  141. Anything But Therapy
  142. Being overweight sucks.
  143. My hair!
  144. I hate the way I look!
  145. anyone diet?
  146. Why do most women resist when men ask for sex?
  147. Job hunting and interviews question.
  148. Not patient for waiting for the special someone.
  149. It's me again.
  150. Stuck in an unusual social life... (rant)
  151. Trapped
  152. The Desire to Be Loved: Developing Your Self Esteem
  153. Any advice for guys like me?? lol
  154. Taking things for granted
  155. Worthlessness
  156. Laziness.
  157. Makeover Makeover!
  158. Picky or something else?
  159. Love myself? But I'm an asshole! :x
  160. How do I find more attractive people?
  161. For all the singles out there!
  162. How to improve yourself?
  163. How does a shy college student who has low self esteem and anxiety make friends?
  164. One tiny bit of advice in order to get the dream girl
  165. Maybe I should take his advice
  166. I'm so insecure! :(
  167. What can I do to start feeling confident and stop worrying???
  168. Potential job interview.
  169. How to Bounce back and feel confident?
  170. Dwelling on things.
  171. The Three A's of Relationship
  172. Improving social skills... help!!!!
  173. showing off/impressing
  174. Mistakes
  175. Any advice on hair?
  176. muscles
  177. What you resist persists. I don't understand this.
  178. College
  179. why do people prevent me from getting friends?
  180. I need to bounce back, she left me no self confidence!
  181. Couples who have lost that spark.
  182. Suffering from extreme anxiety: need help please =S
  183. Having Difficulty Getting Past the Friend Zone
  184. Trust / Insecurity Issues
  185. I want to find out what's wrong with me
  186. I want to improve myself: SOCIAL STATUS and WOMEN
  187. 10 quick self confidence tips you should try tomorrow!
  188. Should I change myself and my mentality?
  189. Was gay but now attracted to women
  190. long distance relationship
  191. How to deal with early relationship anxiety?
  192. how can I stop being paranoid about this??
  193. Lying to women
  194. How to approach girls
  195. Ways to build self confidence?
  196. Anger and how to deal with it?
  197. Abandonment Issues?
  198. Why do i fall in love with unreachable girls?
  199. Jumping into life, the hardship
  200. Feel like I'm "stuck"...
  201. How To Deal With Being Alone?
  202. over-analyzing and thinking too much, plus too hard on mysef
  203. Staying single
  204. I'm looking for a friend as anti-social as I am. Is this as unhealthy as I suspect?
  205. How does a girl be attractive in a positive way?
  206. I need some outside advice
  207. 21 year old uni student still so undecisive!! How to make mind up!
  208. Do looks matter?
  209. Anger management
  210. Sometimes I don't understand
  211. The Empathy Quotient (EQ)
  212. Confidence issues, please help me?
  213. Roller coaster....
  214. Troubles with my boss
  215. The Pitfall of Positive Thinking
  216. Why does everybody online act all liberal, relativistic and tolerant?
  217. Is social interaction too confusing?
  218. Need Help Communicating
  219. Not sure this belongs here...
  220. What Would You Say Back To This Woman?
  221. why can't I get normal knowledge?
  222. your what if's?
  223. sometimes i think its the way i look or act
  224. Ugly genes
  225. Anxiety in Relationships
  226. Really Blindsided
  227. Help! I'm the crazy girlfriend!
  228. How to progress at life...
  229. very low self esteem
  230. Need a Hobby.
  231. Finding the balance
  232. Guidelines to post on my site
  233. Why do I Lose Interest?
  234. I despise negative people
  235. How much do you sweat during sex?
  236. I hate being alone
  237. Need someone wise and with lots of experience
  238. Life is complicated, LIVE FOR IT!!!
  239. Bipolar? Is it worth finding out? What do i need to do to help myself?
  240. Need A Wake-Up Call!!
  241. Metaphysics
  242. How to stop being worried, and get back to being me? (Long Read Sorry)
  243. Long distance enmeshment :\ How can I help her!?
  244. Spirituelles Channeling turtle winds firewalker
  245. Social, making friends in a new place.
  246. Personality, I don't really have one.
  247. Porn...Has it affected anyone else?
  248. Social issues...
  249. Life and Love?
  250. Love and Jobs