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  1. Mmmm feels good... oh nevermind...
  2. How easy is it to get a woman pregnant?
  3. Your penis size?
  4. Bar Hookups
  5. What is Good Rhythm?
  6. Sex drives issues.
  7. She says she is a virgin, I say she's not
  8. embarrassing erection moments?
  9. How many times a day is normal?
  10. what are your opinions of porn.
  11. A sudden change?
  12. I want sex more than he does...
  13. Complicated Mess
  14. Wanking!
  15. Is his behavior concerning?
  16. Do you like to get your girlfriend embarrassed while...
  17. Help my GF has SERIOUS rape fantasies.
  18. Lack Lust-er relationship
  19. "40 days" turned real! An experiment
  20. What do you girls think of this?
  21. Introducing (gentle!!) biting...
  22. Question for the girls
  23. Most liked position?!
  24. Extremely Lucky?
  25. why do girls get so wild when drunk?
  26. Not getting the sensation to cum during sex?
  27. got new batteries for rabbit
  28. Cumming fast :(
  29. I got the Yellow Fever, I got it Bad!
  30. spicing things up
  31. Question for Guys:
  32. Sex is hurting my girlfriend later on, bad stomach ?
  33. The Position Of Men And Women :D
  34. 14 Embarrassing Sex Questions..(long)
  35. Females finding it difficult to orgasm during intercourse?
  36. Is it ever appropriate to ask for a threesome if you are a guy
  37. Lesbian Experience
  38. need some advise from girls.. my girl wants has a fantasy of getting tied up..
  39. squirting
  40. Why don't I want to have sex with my girlfriend anymore?
  41. Is it a bad idea....
  42. Rebound sex
  43. Designer Vaginas
  44. New girl, big penis?
  45. start having sex again?
  46. Do girls enjoy group sex?
  47. girls? nipple fondling - hot or not?
  48. Why do people take so long before they have sex?
  49. Would you find this naughty text message sexy?
  50. I'm not sure how to tell him..
  51. its always rock hard
  52. It seems like she wants to F** me but I JUST met her.
  53. What would you rather...
  54. I really like would you rather questions, here's mine....
  55. How ask for oral sex
  56. Best ever sex?
  57. Ladies, do you care about type of orgasm?
  58. Is it time to end things?
  59. Could Gay guys have sex with girls???
  60. rough sex pleaaaase!
  61. Advice, experiences or just some general reassurances please!
  62. Afraid to show my vagina to any guy I might have sex with.
  63. No sex, No trust?
  64. mexican women into black men..why do they .look at me like i,m crazy
  65. I put it in for 15-20 seconds then stopped, can she get pregnant?
  66. A bit of a rant maybe? Intamcy problems...
  67. afraid of getting bitten during oral?
  68. millions of amateur porn videos?
  69. biting nipples
  70. Is squirting normal for a woman?
  71. "Open Relationships"
  72. Anyone feel sex is a chore?
  73. Married women going to male strip clubs??
  74. why is sex is always avoiding me?
  75. A weird one...
  76. Orgasm tips for men (giving and receiving)
  77. talking dirty
  78. By Age 25 Who Have You Had, What Had You Done etc?
  79. Relationship between personality and intimacy
  80. How often is normal?
  81. sex with an ex?
  82. for the men
  83. Safe oral sex?
  84. Out of curiosity I ask this :D
  85. I'm totally horney right now but my university doesn't allow porn on the network
  86. Are fetishes normal? Can they be fixed?
  87. He won't cyber while I'm on my period? O.o
  88. Insecurities are stopping me!
  89. Bdsm
  90. Romantic night
  91. Just wondering...
  92. Sex please!
  93. Need Relationship Advice for live-together couple
  94. Friends With Benefits?
  95. dating and hooking up sequence
  96. did he cum or precum?
  97. Men faking orgasm
  98. would you feel rejected, or...?
  99. Premature ejaculation
  100. I have a big problem
  101. Seriously mismatched sex drives & interests
  102. How long between intercourse and doing it again?
  103. turn on,s big and small
  104. The urges do not happen agt the same time
  105. Slow response to acts of sex
  106. How can I intensify sexual drives without medication?
  107. Do women prefer intercourse over oral sex?
  108. I cant make her go...
  109. Mismathced affairs
  110. Sex standing
  111. spanking?
  112. HOw can I prolong a duration of orgasm?
  113. Sex?
  114. How do I talk to my girlfriend about my fantasy? I feel like it is kinda weird
  115. What about making love to 2 women at the same time?
  116. Sex with the ex
  117. Can't wait till I get intimate.
  118. About fetishes.
  119. Are there gay people on here?
  120. I probably shouldn't ask this, but here I go.
  121. the first time: scary?!
  122. I dislike...
  123. marijuana & Sex
  124. why do some girls love Scat?
  125. No Sex Till Marriage
  126. Thinking about your own mother in a sexual way?
  127. No noise while having sex
  128. No Sex, Advice?
  129. 4 Year Relationship, Boyfriend Doesn't Turn Me On!
  130. He is just been dumped
  131. Anal sex revisited
  132. Am I crazy?
  133. Funny story about a sex toy
  134. plz read I'm her first "nice" bf
  135. Sex That Takes Too Long
  136. some sex questions cause I'm bored ;)
  137. Need advice, is this normal?
  138. A little embarassed to admit this.
  139. virgin gf wants sex but is afraid. what to do?
  140. This is how i fell... Too horny for someone that cant handle it
  141. sex dreams
  142. Really Hot for another woman man.
  143. The switch is on
  144. Cream Pie: Fetish or fascination? Blurry line?
  145. horny
  146. Taking a long something wrong.
  147. What would make you lose interest?
  148. Voyeuristic want & relationship therapy
  149. orgasim issue
  150. shouldnt a man wan to work hard to get a woman off??
  151. no sex in relationship
  152. worried about mismatched sex drives
  153. Obligation????
  154. Spicing up sex life
  155. What's up with our sex views today?
  156. cant cum with a condom
  157. Women have 2 directions of orgasm?
  158. Is it politically correct to say that size doesn't matter?
  159. GF dumped me after 6 months, SAID I NEVER HAD SEX WITH HER
  160. How would I bring up sex, and location?
  161. size insecurity confirmed by wife
  162. My boyfriend bought himself a synthetic vagina insted of condoms for the both of us.
  163. Change in sexual preferences
  164. my boyfriend never wants to have sex anymore
  165. Now what?....
  166. What do I do?!
  167. She never wants sex anymore
  168. Help! I'm too passive in bed!!!
  169. I tried giving a blow job....
  170. He cums too quick
  171. embarrassing sex stories!
  172. back shot
  173. Cant stay hard after premature ejaculation
  174. GF underestimate penis size/ race stereotype
  175. window open
  176. He claims to be a virgin!
  177. "Make love"
  178. He doesn't want me
  179. Girlfriend is a virgin and is afraid?
  180. Sex... or no sex!?
  181. Shortest / Longest time span between Hello to Sex
  182. Love of my life has stopped showing affection...
  183. Cant have sex without emotion...
  184. Confused, hurt, what should be the next step?
  185. am i not good enough
  186. What do you think of this babydoll?
  187. she's not with me like she was with her other bf
  188. My friend... uhh, "raped me". What now?
  189. Girls what what would you do with a man..
  190. Birth control
  191. I suddenly hate my boyfriend for no reason, what's up?
  192. active & fun sex life BUT why is porn still an issue
  193. removing the blocks to intimacy
  194. I lol'd in class when my professor...
  195. need helped, urgently!
  196. No Birthday Sex/Not Enough Sex
  197. Intimacy?
  198. If a male partner frequents hookers..
  199. My husband fondles me while I sleep? What is his problem?
  200. Is it customary
  201. Lack of intimacy
  202. Girlfriend doesn't like receiving oral
  203. Romantic intimacy has disappeared.
  204. problem reaching climax
  205. problem reaching climax
  206. am I the only one that has fights over sex?
  207. Where are your sex toys hidden?
  208. Is this normal?
  209. Tips on initiating intimacy
  210. never had Orgasm
  211. Friend offers a blowjob from his girlfriend WTF
  212. Affair
  213. loosing virginity- last minute questions
  214. Guys who lack skill
  215. My Man is "over sex"
  216. How old were you when you had your first sex?
  217. Why more and more women are using pornography
  218. Worried about my first time...
  219. I Have Intimacy Issues
  220. How many is too many sexual partners?
  221. I don't want to fake it anymore.
  222. How many people have you had sex with?
  223. when the ladies get on top
  224. Break her hymen
  225. How to approach the girl I'm dating for sex?
  226. where else?
  227. What's your opinion?
  228. PLEASE HELP. Need help badly
  229. Should I be worried?
  230. whats up with this
  231. Is it sex she doesn't like or me?
  232. Can't finish when masturbating the normal way
  233. hjow bad is it really?
  234. does size really matter
  235. erectile dysfunction
  236. Too much of the good stuff
  237. I want to have sex with my friend.
  238. What's the weirdest sentence/phrase uttered during sex?
  239. Complete sexual rejection/no sex again. ever.
  240. Sensory Overload
  241. Id Like to lose my virginity before getting into a long term relationship
  242. Things not to say during sex
  243. My man doesnt want to have sex?
  244. Are Threesomes That Common?
  245. Dont want to become easy..
  246. Bed Stamina?
  247. Virginity
  248. anal
  249. He Won't Masturbate In Front Of Me?
  250. Was it me?