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06-03-06, 02:44 AM
...where is it?

King Zarathu
06-03-06, 10:49 AM
yeah i think we should have one. IRC maybe?

06-03-06, 11:12 AM
ya and i should be a mod...since i support the idea completely..and im handy with eggdrop bots ^_^

06-03-06, 02:27 PM
I like the idea of IRC, however that poses a problem for people who don't use IRC. Then again, LA could use a java based web applet for people who aren't familliar with IRC. But the last time I recall java being used for the chatroom on LF, people had problems loading it up.

06-03-06, 02:34 PM
irc is better than no you can use it in trillian...but i dont know, i mean if theres irc, everyone will talk there and there will be less posts?

06-03-06, 03:19 PM
We have had a chatroom for years, which is why this thread was started. The chatroom hasn't been updated to be integrated with the new website just yet. Even still, hardly anyone ever used it at all so if it never comes back, I can understand why.

(It's only been offline for a day or so. None of you even knew it was there, which even further shows just how little it was used ;))

06-03-06, 09:13 PM
I definitely would've used it, maybe if it was posted somewhere and pinned I would've found it, or if it was next to the links where "Gallery" is. I just didn't find one, so I assumed there wasnt one.

06-03-06, 10:08 PM
I don't care about the chatroom, but what I'd like to know is what happened to the list of people who have logged on in the last 24 hours...

06-03-06, 10:10 PM
nobody ever used the chatroom!

06-03-06, 10:57 PM
Oh but they would have Misombra...They would have. ROFL