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26-12-03, 02:43 AM
Would it be possible to have a new Discussion on the forum, with an Appearance subject? So we can give and take advice on personal appearance issues. I know its not the most important thing, but it does factor up. What does everything think of that?

26-12-03, 02:50 PM
I voted no. While appearance is important, it's really nothing more than a thread could take care of. Also, it's so subjective depending what culture you are in, what hobbies you have, what image you want to carry. I just think that'd it be nothing but one big argument with people arguing over whether it's better for someone to wear baggy or tight clothes, straighten or curl their hair, etc. etc.

Yes, appearance is important, but I don't think it'd be anything more than a few threads.


27-12-03, 12:47 AM
I voted no. That's what the hot or not website is for and it would just be really tacky.

27-12-03, 01:01 AM
I was undecided...I think if I were new here... it would feel like a meat market or some other cheesey forum.. but. thats me.

27-12-03, 02:24 AM
meat market? LOL. I think we could resort to the sex thread for the meat market talk. I noticed there have been quite a few people coming on lately having doubts about their looks, so to them appearance is pretty valuable. HotorNot yeah is a looks only platform, but for some people it will discriminate them more than help. As for arguements, what thread doesn't have arguements? We could focus on making a person feel comfortable with what ever they choose, rather than jumping to Ooooh Ooooh, no I don't like that you need to do this or do that. We have the lamers everywhere, but its not really unsolicited advice if your making the post public. And culture.....well if you are in a culture that looks don't matter then the thread wont be valuable to you, just like the sex thread wont be valuable to someone who practices absentance. If someone wants to critisize an appearance thread saying looks don't matter, apparently it matterd enough for them to critisize it!!

Me personally, I am perfectly comfortable with my style. But I see a lot of people walking around these days watching the ground as they walk, slouched over, kicking stones. Appearance is a stage for some people, and some of those people will never be able to advance untill they are somewhat pleased with their appearance and finally realize it is not as important as they once thought. Appearance doesnt have to be just looks, it could be about how a person carrys themself and how they appear to themself. If a person can't present themself in an attractable way, who would they be trying to fool?

I will note that personally I could care less about what threads we have, I am just thinking of the people who may be seeking advice in a certain area. On that thought though, there is other places to seek guidance on appearance, just like every other thread on this forum.

27-12-03, 06:20 AM
Personally, I don't have any problem with the way I look and don't give two shits how I come off to others. I'll go out with whatever was on the floor and my hair all over the place. People could think I was the most haggard being alive and it wouldn't be a big deal at all. On the flip side, if I'm walking down the street and see some girl all tressed out in the latest looks and the nicest of clothes I wouldn't give her a second look. A nice larger girl wearing whatever she finds comfortable appeals to me much more. That or those amazing goth girls. :D

27-12-03, 06:24 AM
I voted yes. We could have *FUN* threads like "Fashion Faux Pas" or "What do you think when your girlfriend wears makeup"

27-12-03, 08:09 PM
Originally posted by IceQueen
I voted yes. We could have *FUN* threads like "Fashion Faux Pas" or "What do you think when your girlfriend wears makeup"

That seems so boring. "Fashion faux-pas"? No thank you. Besides, you guys can just stick this under Dating Talk anyway.

02-01-04, 01:13 PM
Originally posted by Zekk_T_Strife
A nice larger girl wearing whatever she finds comfortable appeals to me much more. That or those amazing goth girls. :D

um ... Zekk... you are so my idol.

02-01-04, 05:18 PM
I voted no.


04-01-04, 09:41 AM
I voted no, we all seem to have impressions of eachother at this point anyway, looks don't matter here!