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09-01-04, 03:53 AM
I've been writing in my journal for my OWN personal growth and do not look for comments to be written, apparently, I need to lock them from here on out.

I take it very offensively some people find it necessary to say something, if I wanted to chit chat about it, I'll post it here.

I've said I appreciated those who put forth the effort in giving me advice or just simply placing comments. I do NOT appreciate some of you telling me you know me and you know what I'd do.

I've revealed what I wanted on here. If I wanted everyone to know everything I'd have to quit my job. Some things are left unsaid because I want it that way. No one on this forum "Knows" me. I know what I'll do and what I'll say. It's not anyones call on this forum to JUDGE others. This was a place for people to have fun, chat, and look for guidance, not ridicule.

Some of you think you know everything when it comes to relationships and let me tell you I beg to differ(for the exception of MVP you are excluded out of this) -You dont.

You may have your understanding, while others have their own.
People give their opinions and their advice based on their experiences nothing else. I'm extremely pissed off at some people in this forum. I have nothing to hide, I'm tired of people assuming that they know one another on here and they dont. There have been 3 people on this forum who know everything, you know who you are. And I value every little thing they have ever said to me. I appreciate everything they've done.

I strongly suggest that those of you on here who take it upon themselves to "judge" people freely to take a look at yourself.
I have never minded those who have said things I may not have wanted to hear, we all get that if we come here. It's expected otherwise you wouldn't be here. But to flatly judge someones character is ludacris.

I DO NOT need back up from this forum. I am my own damn person and do whatever the hell I want. Don't tell me you know what I'd do, because you don't. You don't know me.

This has been a great place to be, I've acquired several friends through here, and they've been outstanding. I will continue to post and will continue to write in my journal, I will NOT allow some people to think they have all the answers, because they don't.

Simply put, to each his own. I will not dog out anyone here. I have nothing bad to say about anyone here. Even though I'm pissed, I have no ill feelings, because everyone has the right to their own opinions, it's a free country. But it's unfair to attack someones character when they don't know the person.
The next time anyone feels the need to place judgement calls on someone take a step back and remember you don't know these people personally, you only know what they reveal on this forum.
Just because people VENT doesn't give the green light to be judgmental.

I garauntee I am NOT the only person on here who believes in that, I just got the balls to say it first. Everyone here has their own story and their own experiences. It's great there is a place to be able to freely express ideas, opinions, thoughts, etc.
I enjoy EVERYONES comments here, and the conversations. And I'd like to thank everyone whose been a part of this with me.
It's been great and heres to more great times...and less judging.

09-01-04, 04:10 AM
I'm sorry to hear that some people are pissing you off in your journal, I had the same problem when I had a deadjournal and was inevitably why I stopped writing in it. I'm pretty sure I know who you're talking about too even though I don't often venture into the journals unless asked to. I tend not to give advice on journals because you can bet that if they don't ask for advice then you'll be wrong. Many times people just need to vent and need an outlet for having so much emotion. If they don't ask for advice then give them your support and then shut the goo up. I know where squirrley is coming from and really think it's time for some of you guys to get over yourself and quit licking your own nuts. Just my opinion.

09-01-04, 05:18 AM
Thank you! I sincerely hope others will see that. I'm sorry for going on and on about it. But I'm a fairly passionate person and don't get angry with people in general, but this time I felt enough was enough...

09-01-04, 08:01 PM
Preach on Squirrly!!!!! I believe some indivuals can not resist the temptation of pissing others off. Shame on them! Even if! What they say is true, sometimes it is best left unsaid. Most of us are adults, and are quite capable of making our own decesions.

Journals are great, especially being able to post them to the public and not have to worry about people alienating you or anyone you speak of in it. When you post something public, thats like saying to the world "Here I am, take it or leave it" It's a great thing....If it's respected. However it does not say "Here I am, Fix me!!!"

Which now leaves me with the question of, is it or could it be possible to ban such individuals from posting on our journals? Not for the fear of critics, but for the control of our own journal.

Squirrly I know you mentioned you don't need backup, but HERE I AM TO SAVE THEY DAY!!!! :D j/k. But seriously I back your words up 100%. Journals should be kept for our pleasure, not other peoples pleasure of feeling the need to be right. Regardless of its public status!!

09-01-04, 08:13 PM
AMEN BROTHER! I respect the fact that people can voice their opinion. ON THE FORUM THOUGH! Ya know!

Honestly I don't mind people putting their 2 cents in, but when I ask for it. Even if they are right in some cases, it's not right to place a judgement call on anyone. Some of these people don't know me. That's what pisses me off, they don't know what I would do or wouldn't do! I don't need fixing that's for sure, but I like the fact I can just vent negative feelings. Most of the time that's what people vent about anyway, how many times do people write in here about postive things in their relationship? Other than if they have great sex! RIGHT?

So thank you for standing behind me-I appreciate it.
Final thought, they may THINK they're right when they write that bs! If they could walk in that persons shoes they wouldn't write it!
Stay the hell out of peoples journals, no one died and made you God! Public or not, it's not your place to be judge and jury!

11-01-04, 07:14 AM
hey Squirrley...
I am with you girl!

In the words of a wise and "bright" man... " its ok.. you had subway!"


11-01-04, 07:17 AM
thanx babe. I boycott Subway now though. I used to manage 3 stores and it sucked


19-01-04, 02:13 PM
Originally posted by squirrley
Some of you think you know everything when it comes to relationships and let me tell you I beg to differ(for the exception of MVP you are excluded out of this) -You dont.

I love you too, squirrley!


21-01-04, 04:20 PM
*enter the sarcastic one*

i love to piss people off and talk shit about everyone. unfortunately that gets me in trouble all the time. luckily though, this isn't one of them. :goofy:


31-01-04, 10:44 PM
Your'e safe hon!