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Darth Payne
12-09-06, 08:04 AM
Lately, I'm starting to like girls a lot more than I used to, and want to start relationships with some of them, though I'll probably fail. :sad2: But aside from the part of actually getting someone, what about after you get someone.

I mean the responsibility of having a relationship. That's something I've been worrying about, since I've never had a date yet.

What if I get into a relationship and can't handle the responsibility and stress? What if I can't do enough for her?

I really like her, but sometimes, I doubt my ability to treat her well enough. If I get someone, that'll be the first time, and that's kind of a scary thought.

Or maybe I just want to be really good friends. I just don't know if I can make the right decision and worry I'll make the wrong one.

If I can even get her in the first place that is.

12-09-06, 08:14 AM
You don't wanna be "good friends" with a girl you're interested in romantically.

How old are you?

And the majority of relationships you start are probably gonna fail, just how it is unfortunately.

Darth Payne
12-09-06, 09:48 AM
So, it has to be between friends or romantic partner? Not both?

That kind asucks -_-

12-09-06, 10:38 AM
See, a lot of times, with girls, once you establish you're friends, you're rarely move past that. Girls then lose interest in you and start searching elsewhere. That's just how they are. Now there's always those "best friends to couple" situations, but they're really not all that common.

If you start the the relationship off giving her the impression you'll settle for friends, whether you want to or not, you'll get just that.

Darth Payne
12-09-06, 11:05 AM
Ok. I guess I gotta rush it.

21-09-06, 04:42 AM
depends on the situation. I think a great deal of my gfs were origionally my friends. I wouldnt rush it, i think relationships turn out better if they have a foundation.

21-09-06, 06:25 AM
I don't really know how to qualify it, but I know within moments of meeting someone if I find him attractive. I've never dated someone who used to be a friend but later suddenly (or slowly) became attractive to me.

I have a couple of male friends I find potentially attractive, and in those cases they will never know that as they are either involved with my friends (verboten forever) or something like that, but in my experience there is no such thing as a crossover.

Don't try to sneak in that way.