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29-11-06, 03:10 AM
Hmm... My friend had got a boyfriend, they were friends at first, and then they started dating.

But he dumped her, she was crying all the time. After few months they are friends again.

Sometimes I watch them. She flirts with him, wears mini and tries to be perfectly OK, in a way she acts. Their hobby is simply the same - smoking ;]

Or she touches him, I mean firm touch, but you know, her body language is really amusing... I've learned about it a little :mask:
Her body is burning when she is talking with him. He doesn't keep back himself, he touches her slightly also. But he doesn't act in a way he wants her...
When she is absent, I heard : " I don't know how I could stand her 6 months?" or "She is like an evil, she is so cruel" - he says. Sometimes he flirts with other girls. Well, he is a kind of asshole... But it is what we are looking 4 :]

My question is: Do you believe in friendship between ex lovers ? I ask, because I've got a crush on HIM... so I don't know if I should try ? ;>

sry, for my english.

29-11-06, 03:57 AM
Yes i do belive in being friends afterwards but see my ex boyfriend is now my bf again because we love eachother,were together again and im so happy after 4 weeks of crying myself to sleep,sayin i love him i love him i want him back,he told me he LOVED me to,and never stoped

29-11-06, 04:20 AM
Why didn't you just bump your old thread?

You can see links before reply

29-11-06, 04:44 AM
Ask your friend permissin first and if she say it ok then go for it if not then id stay away from him

29-11-06, 05:37 AM
Sorry for not bumbing my last thread. I've just mentioned new subject here.

Well, our relationship with that girl broke down because of smth lately, before my sudden infatuation. So I am not guilty ;)

I think, I should stay away from him. It's really impossible, because we spent 8 hours in one room:) Maybe some ideas ? I know, I know... "Find another guy!" it's more difficult than it seems.

Just wish me good luck before friday's party ! ;)
thanks for all comments.

29-11-06, 07:18 AM
How about this: I hope you get what you want, and after you do, I hope you still want it.

29-11-06, 08:39 PM
Find a new guy. Its better then going after your friend's sloppy seconds...

You even said he was kind of an asshole.

So whats the attraction?