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08-12-06, 10:14 PM
Thought I would post abit in this "Love Forum" and see what the people are all about.

Over the years I have decided to live by myself and lead a life without love. As I believe it's not a must need item in life. I guess some people will say my childhood and teenager life will explain for this. Let's make the long sad story short.

Mother overdosed on depression pills when I was 14, never got on with my father and hated him for never being the father he should have been. Moved to live with my uncle and aunt when I was 17. This year sadly, my aunt dies of cancer after finding out only four months ago. I am now on depression pills myself and it seems to be working for me. Now my Nana is unwell and may have cancer too in the same year as my aunt's death.

I've never had the serious relationship and I do not believe women offer anything useful to me. I have no sex drive which means certain women who use sex as power are funny enough powerless to me. Normal women well, great as friends and co-workers, useless as girlfriends. I feel I can't connect to anyone anymore. I feel like I am dream myself, floating through space and time...

I am only close to my Nana (Aged 76) and Uncle (Aged 66) and by those ages they will not be around forever. Meaning I will be fully left alone in life by myself.

I do no think it is impossible to live without love. I'm a writer, a gamer, and a traveller. These things fill up my time and are more useful then anyone else.

Discuss and comment about my lifestyle and give thoughts.

08-12-06, 10:23 PM
If you are happy with your lifestyle, then more power to you.

09-12-06, 02:41 AM
I think the fact that you're on depression medication indicates that you've got stuff going on under there that you're not willing or able to deal with (and good for you- you're managing it appropriately).

Until you are ready to deal with your own stuff, I applaud your decision to abstain from visiting these nightmares upon others. I wish everyone was as emotionally responsible.

09-12-06, 04:47 AM
well i think you're kind of a freak.

lol jk. that's okay. women are evil anyway. if i were a guy i wouldn't want to be around women either.

09-12-06, 11:59 PM
love is necessary

10-12-06, 12:00 AM
to hv a fruitful lovely charmin life .. its necessaryy !

22-12-06, 10:58 AM
Somewhere in that last half of your post all I saw were exhibited signs of what a person feels like when depression medication pegs successful; your lack of sex drive and inability to connect. You're obviously no romantic and seem devoid of emotional dependence but it sounds like you need a woman who can keep your interest and mother you :)
I would suggest you try going for more seasoned women then yourself, someone with more knowledge and experience in situations like your own.

The Great OV!!!
26-12-06, 06:04 PM
How come you think that you are all alone? Thinking that says something, probably that you could use a girls company. Lead the life style you are, I prefer to be alone right now as well but be prepared for some times that suck.

03-01-07, 01:58 AM
There's nothing wrong if you're living your life without a lover ... But I can never imagine how life might turn out to be if I didn't get married. I can't imagine myself living all alone in the future without a husband ...without kids, especially because I hate loneliness and I hate being lonely..