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22-01-07, 02:13 AM
hello everyone,
first off, awesome forum, great ppl, learned alot of 'stuff' in here,

got a little problem,
my gf is acting real weird lately....feeeeeling weird too..
like, she says..she feals wrapped, and she feeels theres fear she lives wit but she doesnt kno what it is........she says..she feels like she doesnt exist..invisible...and small...and so on and on and on....

im trying to help her...but i just realy dnt kno how to....

any idea?? advice......or any GIRLS felt this way??
i dnt kno what the F is going on......................:sad2:

22-01-07, 02:22 AM
1. Talk in plain English here. The way you posted will piss many off; including me.

2. It isn't your problem that she feels that way. You are probably giving her enough attention. Just be there for her and that is all you can do. My girlfriend felt the same way. Her parents blamed it on me, and it wasn't me. It was her parents and all her friends. They forced a break-up, and we still go out... secretly. So, don't worry about it. Try to avoid that subject in conversation, and talk about things that make her happy.

22-01-07, 02:43 AM
This may be her way of telling you that you're too dominant in your relationship. The fact that you seem to think you're supposed to do something about it is a little weird. I would think that the statements she's made would go along with, "So let's take some time apart" or something like that.

I'd say back off and give her some space before she freaks out and dumps you.

24-01-07, 01:55 AM
It's possible she's schizophrenic.