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24-03-07, 05:38 PM
As I've gotten into it things don't feel as good as when we originally started. I keep second guessing myself. Starting to think maybe this isn't what I thought I wanted.
I quit a job to pursue this and now fear has set in because its two weeks now and no business has come in. My fear wants to send me back out looking for a job with a steady income. I'm a one single family income and have been feeling pretty low about what I've created
In my head I know money can come from anywhere, but I still get caught up in it coming from my work.
I want independence
I want a large, steady, easy flowing income
and I want some help in how to stop resisting it and let it flow in.
Input would be greatly appreciated.

24-03-07, 08:18 PM
Hi ,
Sometimes it is best to go with the crack of least resistance.. in other words, what path feels best for you?
For some people having a job, or working really hard, is their path of least resistance because that is what they believe inside. They will feel better taking the path that doesn't make them panic or feel fearful. You may visit
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