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25-03-07, 05:21 AM
when i was in 7th grade, i joined the basketball team. it was my only junior high sport, and yea.

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one night during one of our games, i noticed a bunch of red bumps all over my arm. i didn't know how they got there, i didn't know how to get rid of them. i didn't know what they were called. i figured they were harmless because i've never noticed any pain.

i also notice the same texture/roughness on my face, but there isn't any red dots or anything. i have a little bit of this on my chest and legs, but it's most severe on my outer arms.

i continued with sports. i ended up being a wrestler my freshman year. one of the reasons i dropped out of wrestling is this. one kid was like 'what the **** is on your arm????' and everyone gathered around me to look at my arm.

people continually ask me about it, make fun of me, and it wears myself esteem. i wish i had normal looking skin. people often accuse me of having aids, leprosy, and other things, and i don't. it was enough to make me go to the doctor one day. he looked at my arm and told me i have folliculitis. he didn't give me any treatment, tell me the source of it or anything. just told me what it was. he said to wash my arms more or less and try different cleaning routines.

i've tried everything i can think of; vitamins, lotion, vitamin e (baby oil), washing more, washing less, shaving my arms. the shit won't go away. my mom doesn't know what to do and she's a nurse.

i've noticed the condition on some other friends who are guys, but it really bothers me. mine is really severe compared to theirs. i need it to go. does anyone on here live with this condition? what else could i try?

25-03-07, 06:07 AM
Get your ass to a dermatologist.

25-03-07, 08:17 AM
Eek! Well, normally that stuff occurs in the areas you shave. You damage the area w/ a dull razor blade or something, and the follicle becomes infected with Staphylococcus bacteria. However, on your arms is another story. I would go see a different dermatologist. You probably need a topical antibiotic. In the meantime, don't wear anything too fitted or scratchy, and make sure you don't re-wear your shirts without washing them first. If you have been shaving your arms, stop it.

25-03-07, 11:30 AM
after i use the antibiotic, will it be a recurring infection?

25-03-07, 12:06 PM
If you keep exposing yourself to whatever bacteria is causing it, I guess you could reinfect yourself.

You might try a topical anti-fungal cream (like they use to treat athlete's foot). It works on topical yeast infections. If your rash doesn't go away, you will need an antibiotic, so you will have to go to the doctor. Don't go to the quack you saw before. He should have given you some sort of treatment.