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31-03-07, 01:56 AM
Hello all, haven’t been on this for two and a half years as I only post when I need advice... so can’t say I glad to be back, however..

Over a year a go I left Edinburgh to start a new job in Manchester. I had a degree but changed direction so starting as a trainee in the new job, a bit of a step down but good prospects. This ment going back to uni.

I was optimistic at the start but found it hard to make friends and settle in. At the same time I was working with a guy that I didn’t get on with and in the end felt he was very negative towards me. This did not help me settle in. I don’t get paid that much so couldn’t afford to do the things I used to do as a true student so I put my social life on hold a bit. I was and am however living with my girlfriend so always had her company...maybe to much at times.

Any way the chance came to change teams in work so I jumped at the chance. The idea of new projects and more opportunity was good and the chance to swap personnel.

Over time I felt that I was just left in to my own devices much like when I just started with the company and not the fast track route I had hoped. I kept saying to my self, give it time, but nothing happened. I eventually spoke up and things have changed. I have been told a was getting the world but really its nothing that different, but its is better.

The reason I am say this is because I feel the whole experience has left me feeling low and down all the time. I’m usually not that kind of person. But I haven't made friends at work really or at unit although I do go with two clicky guys ( and feel i should sit with them) from work that I don’t get on with.

On a person life side I haven’t got any friends outside work either, I feel this is a money issue but know is more to do with my confidence also. I should join a rugby team but feel is the wrong time of year as it’s towards the end of the season. My girlfriend has made friends which makes me feel worse but she is such a chatty person and talks far too much. Our biggest problem is that she talks over me too, which really pi$$e$ me off and have said such.

I feel I have got nothing out of moving on from Edinburgh and miss back home of N.Ireland where my brothers are. To sum up it hasn't been going well,

All comments welcome!

(This is a bit of a rant so sorry and thanks for reading)

31-03-07, 11:21 AM
If you can't play rugby this time of year, is there another sport that you can play in the meantime? Everyone needs something to look forward to..