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24-04-07, 06:16 AM
Well heres how it is. I don't really speak on the phone alot and use IM instead. The girl in question has rung me twice. The first time she was drunk and I was like "wtf?". The second time was alot better we had a nice chat which i enjoyed, but she seems to do most of the talking.

I really want to ring her a speak to her but I'm a bit nervous that i'm not going to have anything to say or something like that but I do really wanna speak to her and get to know her more. She says she really likes me and I like her aswell!

Got any tips on how I can get over my nerves?

24-04-07, 06:21 AM
Well, don't get drunk, that's a good tip. Too bad nobody told her.

If you can find some reason to call her up- some actual question you need an answer to, maybe, at least you'll feel like she won't be wondering why you called. She'll probably be thrilled anyway- it sounds like she has a big crush on you.

25-04-07, 02:23 AM
Instead of making a list of things to tell her, make of a list of questions to ask. Questions about one's self or life leads to interesting stories that you may be able to relate to and give you a chance to share your own.

Plus, most people like to talk about themselves, so it should be pretty easy to start a conversation with you asking the question. On top of that, she'll be thrilled that you're showing an "interest" in her. Chicks dig that stuff. Actually, people usually dig that stuff. Just keep the conversation starters casual, and make sure to chime in when you spot the chance.

In other words, don't sit there with a list of questions and just check them off as you go. It's a conversation, not an interview (officially), so keep it smooth and let it flow.

25-04-07, 04:06 AM
Thanks guys. The second time she rang me she told me in advance so I sorta prepared a small list of things to say if there should be any awkward silences. Turned out I didn't need the list she just seemed to say something in all the places where all the silences should of been like "I went to the shop today to get a drink", I could tell she was nervous aswell though because she sort of stuttered when that happened... the rest of it whet fine though.

She rang to tell me that she had a boyfriend and felt really bad that she didn't tell me and that she doesn't like him but she really likes me even though we've never met LOL. Yea shes broke up with that guy now because he cheated on her. She sends me texts aswell like last night she said she couldn't sleep because of me. I'm getting worried that shes going to end up liking her fantasy of me and then when she actually meets me being very disapointed =/. Even more reason for me to ring her I guess.

Already tried meeeting up with her twice and each time when the day came she couldn't make it =/.

About calling her for a reason. I don't really have a reason to call her I guess, I just want to speak to her and get to know her better. Can I ring her and just ask how she is and what shes been up to during the day?

I've just got to get myself over this first hurdle because I really know if call her everything will probably go smoothly.

Thanks again for the advice i'll put it into practice soon!