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09-05-07, 03:29 AM
Hi friends,;)

Have anyone of you seen the movie 'The Secret'? It talks about the Universe, the law of attraction.
I think it's awesome. It's inspiring... very refreshing. It talks about Gratitude as well- which i think it's such an important thing to do everyday - to give thanks. Being grateful.

You can catch the sneak preview of the movie at My Blog. Hope you'll enjoy it as much as i do.

I am just wondering what would you do daily to exercise this Law of Attraction, practical steps you would use to start attracting what we want in our Life... pls Share your thots with me.. what wud you do

Finally May You Be Blessed.

09-05-07, 03:30 AM
I have a thot.

If we all concentrate on the Law of Repulsion, will it make the spammers go away?

09-05-07, 03:31 AM
I thought this was promoting Scientology! Ugh.