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19-06-07, 11:32 PM
I have just recently learned about the secret and have started trying to implement it in my life. My biggest difficulty has been my job. I currently work an assembly-type job, on my own, eight hours a day. With all that free time on my own, I inevitably succumb to that sinking doubt: "How is it going to happen?" "Is it really possible?"
Years and years of self-doubt is challenging to overcome, I know, but forty hours a week of this type of thinking will naturally prevent manifestation of my dreams!!!
I was hoping that maybe I could get some hints and tips from people who are using the secret in their own lives - a different perspective would be very helpful indeed!
Thank you

20-06-07, 12:29 AM
I can truly understand your position. There are two ways - first, ask the universe to make you aware when you travel into negative thoughts because awareness is the first step. You consciously think positive and then your old negative thoughts hit the ball back
Have you wondered how to bring the Secret Law of Attraction into your life?
Basically you need a visualization form of Law of attraction, so I will recommend you a great audio series of Law of attraction called optimindzation created by Stephen Pierce a big internet marketer. This is an audio series that you listen to that sends messages to the mind through a type of meditation to give you energy or relax you depending on the one you listen to. It helps you to visualize and become creative so you can use the law of attraction in your favour.
You seem to have found parts of the puzzle on how the ”Law of Attraction” as outlines in the movie “The Secret” interact with each other.

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20-06-07, 12:36 AM
I have a secret for you: there are real people here with real problems and no time for your spammity crap. Go away.