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10-11-07, 12:15 AM
hi i desperately need some help,there is something very horrible i have done.

here are the characters of the story:i changed the name for safety
1. Angelsbreath
2. betty
3. veronica
4. reggie

* betty is my bestfriend for 8 months now,we have been communicating steadily everyday and she gives me emotional support,her biggest secret is that she has a big crush and deep feelings about my bestfriend from college reggie.i have not talked for years with reggie so when he called i felt like the days when i dont hold back on anything,even my deepest secrets,so i talked to reggie for 5 hours on the phone about women and unfortunately i told him about betty's feeling about him,which made him react negatively.yesterday veronica who is betty's bestfriend also turned out to be reggie's bestfriend,contacted me to confirm if i told anything about betty's feelings to reggie,coz reggie has been asking veronica about it for 3 days now and reggie said that the info came from me(what a fcker) and so i replied to veronica confessing about how it happened and how i told reggie about betty's secret.she still hasnt replied yet,should i tell betty about everything?i know im gonna loose my present bestfriend for the betrayal of her trust,i am gonna be alone and friendless for telling betty what happened.

10-11-07, 01:35 AM
How old are you 12?

10-11-07, 02:19 AM
23 y o why?

10-11-07, 04:15 AM
You let the cat out of the bag, Reggie let the cat out of the bag, but Betty let the cat out of the bag first. Man, that cat's getting a lot of free time.

You should confess at once. Damage control is all you can do right now.

10-11-07, 12:45 PM
i did what you said gig,they have not replied yet,i guess that is it,so long to the beautiful friendship,i really dont understand why reggie did that,i thought there are things to be considered as man talk.

13-11-07, 12:17 AM
meh it would've come out sooner or later.. maybe you've just sped up the process. everyone bitches, no one keeps all secrets.. especially not about anyone else. just say your sorry, but shit happens and you're human.

13-11-07, 04:08 AM
What was your motive for telling him about your friends affection? There lies all the answers....

Seems odd to me that you would blab something your friend trusted you with to a fellow you haven't been in contact with for years. IME, ppl only talk about other ppl b/c they don't have enough interesting in their own lives to discuss.

While I agree w/BD that 'shit happens', I also think you lacked the maturity to know when to keep your mouth shut. Lesson learned?

13-11-07, 11:32 AM
How old are you 12?

why did this post get a thanks??


23-11-07, 07:08 AM
Honesty is the best policy telly betty the truth and make sure she knows you are genuinly sorry and hope that your friendship is dtrong enough to survive this xxx

23-11-07, 08:18 AM
What was your motive for telling him about your friends affection? There lies all the answers....

Yeh, I would like to know that as well

I don't know what you can do apart from drawing a target on you and giving betty a bucket load of tomatoes to throw at you to relieve her anger. Maybe after a couple of good hits she will forgive you.