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02-12-07, 06:49 AM
So Im so excited on so many levels. Kyles still acting like a noob. BUT he's starting to make some turns. Uh he did show up with his eyebrow pierced and I almost shit my pants. But he's definelty decided to stay in the military, whew and thank God.

I've finally settled down. Eating regulary and sleeping. I moved back in with my husband last week and I think that has helped me too. Kyles fine on his own, I stop over several times a week and we talk everyday.

We're leaving for our cruise in a week, and where I just couldnt stand the thought of leaving Kyle Im now in the mindset of SEEYA. Ive spent so much time dealing with him and my husband Im going to have a damn great time. Kyle is not going. Im not going to reward him for his shitty behavor. My whole family agrees.

Today, my husband bought my work wardrobe. How fun that was, yes Ive decided to go work with him. Im starting in Feb. Im so excited! We've been talking about it for weeks, and more and more positive things keep creeping up. MORE MONEY!

My life is FINALLY taking the turn its needed. So thankyou EVERYONE for all of your kind words and guidance and opinions!

Ok, so has anyone been on a cruise? And any helpful hints?