View Full Version : I Told Little Victor That I Was Leaving-

29-01-08, 07:27 AM
He was watching me transfer my files from my brother's computer to my new laptop, and he asked me, "Why'd you buy dat?"

I didn't even look at the 'lil 3 year old as I went about my business when I responded, "Because I'm leaving."

"No you're not leaving."

"Yes I am, I'm moving far away."

At this point I suddenly felt a little sad, a little guilty about leaving the little runt.

I started to miss having my obnoxious older brother around always tryin' to get me to work out with him, or singing that stupid Beck song. I even started to miss his wife sitting on the couch in the evenings watching her ridiculous shows that I couldn't help but watch because the tv was right there whenever I was on the computer. I can't tell you how many episodes of "I Love New York" or "Rock of Love" I've watched. It's embarrassing.

Every time I make a major move like this, I go through this reflective period. I guess sometimes it's easier to look back, than to look forward. The things I did, the people I was with. It's times like these that make my life so bitter-sweet.

But I think it's good, I feel like it keeps me grounded and keeps me from growing too bored and complacent.

29-01-08, 09:05 AM
Is the kid fond of you? Will he be sad when you are gone?

29-01-08, 09:23 AM
We all go away, Frasbee. Don't feel guilty.

30-01-08, 10:14 AM
Is the kid fond of you? Will he be sad when you are gone?

He'll probably be sad initially, but like any kid, he'll get over by the time he's given a cookie or banana.

30-01-08, 10:16 AM
aYou can see links before reply poor little victor. you can have him out to visit.

is this your nefew?

30-01-08, 10:20 AM
aYou can see links before reply poor little victor. you can have him out to visit.

is this your nefew?

Kind of, he's not officially adopted yet, but it's in the works.

The one thing I'll miss about Lawton, Oklahoma, is the ridiculously cheap cost of living.

There's very little traffic, it's easy to get around, and I only pay 240 bucks for liability insurance for a 6 month period for my car.

But otherwise, there ain't shit out here for me.

I feel sorry for the people that get stuck out here.

Alot of kids get pregnant/married young (18-22).

02-02-08, 08:38 AM
That's it.

I got my last check today, and I called it quits.

What am I doing??


02-02-08, 09:18 AM
You are living on the edge. Isn't it exciting?

02-02-08, 09:28 AM
You are living on the edge. Isn't it exciting?

Y'know, I wanted to tell that stupid muthaf˙cka off when I quit. But my senses got the better of me, and I had like a, closing meeting with him before I left, just covering the pros and cons of the job.

Technically he's my first real construction job reference I have right now, and I thought it best not to burn that bridge. I'll let it rot eventually, though.

Stupid shit.

02-02-08, 06:13 PM
Fras, you are, like, my favorite poster of all time.

I thought you should know.

03-02-08, 01:34 PM
The Navy used to play this commercial way back when that said something like: "If someone wrote a book about your life, would anyone want to read it?"

I never felt compelled to join the Navy, but that's been at the back of my mind for years now. It's something I still strive for. But it's just scary as hell to do this shit on my own. I mean, I have Amy, I know, but I wish I had a group of people that would just follow me everywhere I went.

Like a cult, or something.

04-02-08, 11:41 PM
It's confirmed!

I'm leaving Oklahoma tomorrow afternoon for Texas to stay with Amy, and we'll be leaving from her apartment to New Orleans on Friday.

I was gonna head down on Wednesday, but Amy's sister wanted to hang out with us both before we left, so we're goin' downtown.

That means I actually have to pack all of my things...there's no going back, now.

04-02-08, 11:55 PM

05-02-08, 01:10 AM
Your life is kind of exciting, Frasbee. So many adventures...

05-02-08, 01:28 AM
Give Victor something to remember you by, so he has a Fras talisman. Remember, he's the first member of your dangerous cult, so you have to treat him like a minion.

05-02-08, 07:04 AM
Wow! Goodluck Fras! Its always sad to say bye to family no matter what youre doing. Especially the young ones who dont understand. Gawd Im excited for you! Have a great time and remember its a new beginning!!!