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06-04-08, 06:34 AM
What i have been up to in the past couple weeks:

pregnancy scare
lost a friend
first strip club
crazy awesome blowjob
learned to relax
became more open minded

So i had my first pregnancy scare, and to be honest it scared the crap out of me. One of the first things i thought of was what some of the members on here would say to me which im sure would be something like "you shouldn't have sex until you are ready to tackle the risks". In case your interested, it was pure negligence that put me in the situation. I thought she was on birth control, and we both thought the chances of me cumming were low (i have only cum once during sex in my entire life)...blah blah blah so we didnt use a condom...it was honestly all our fault, no condom breakage. So she took the day after pill, and then her body decided to be late 6 days late for her period! That is the longest 6 days anyone will ever experience.

Anyways this has put a lot of stress on our relationship. I dated this girl last year and we have had some occasional sex this year. I stood next to her and listened to her vent her emotions about the possible pregnancy. Unfortunately there was no reciprocation. And now that this is over Im ready to cut my losses; i felt like i had to be this unwaivering embodiement of a good guy, and im thankful she isnt pregnant. She seemed helpless. Taking care of one baby would be fine, two babies (the baby and the girl) would be took much for me. am i looking at this wrong? is it fine for her to act this way?

On another topic a friend had a birthday at a strip club and I had a good time, no lap dances, but i actually respect strippers more. My respect has gone from 0 up to where everyone else is.

I met a girl (not at the strip club) and she was the most open person when talking about sex. We had some awesome open conversations about sex. And at the end of the night i practically asked her if she wanted to have sex and she gave me an honest reply. She seemed to look at sex like someone looks at art. It wasnt anything holy, but it was still beautiful in all of its forms, even the forms she doesnt particularly like.

We had pretty good sex (oral for both of us). As i said earlier i rarely cum. I usually try really hard to cum and i think that makes it harder. The few times i can relax and enjoy it i cum really hard and I shoot out about twice the cum (maybe more) that what i usually do. Anyone else experience this? I dont know why, but i was able to relax with this girl even though i barely know her, and i had an awesome mental picture in my head and in a couple minutes I was done.

I dont know why, but these past couple of events (not the pregnancy) have really opened my eyes. I had a realization that I didnt call this girl a slut or whore in my head(even though she has had a plethora of sex) and I can say honestly that that is a first. I usually judge women on that, and I dont know why but i didnt with this one. I like myself more for it. I hope that I can keep moving forward with this open mindedness.

Any one actually finish this? :)

alright thats all i got, have a good weekend guys. share your thoughts, im out.

06-04-08, 12:32 PM
I'm glad you are feeling better about not judging people, but I hope you trusted your unwrapped penis to a clean girl.

It's nice to see you posting again. Thanks for the update.