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28-04-08, 05:46 AM
Ok, so I am super ambitious. I always doubt the results of my effort in that I could have done better. I feel bad after winning!


28-04-08, 05:48 AM
Self critical, eh? I wouldn't call this exactly ambitious, since its more dealing with regret. its just the matter of self esteem. What, you want to be more perfect than yourself??? You need to learn how to respect yourself and see your achievments. If you do well enough already, you should focus on things that are good, achieved, take those into account and move on, use those achievemnts. Otherwise you will be repairing your mistakes forever and can never move on.

29-04-08, 02:30 AM

Come on boobaa I was hoping you would be mean in this thread.

29-04-08, 02:36 AM
**** you bohemiandonut! : D