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03-05-08, 11:20 PM
what do you all think? do they work as well as a degree from a regular university?

kinda thinking about doing something like that. since i'm so spoiled now i don't ever want to leave my house.

04-05-08, 12:25 AM
I'm curious too. Thinking I should take a legal assistant course. What do you want to take Mis?

04-05-08, 01:08 AM
hrmm... i think that online classes are the same as learning from a book. it's good because you can go at your own pace and do it on your own time, however, certain courses like a second language might need some class time interaction if you don't have anyone to practice with.

as far as getting a degree goes, i think that come classes can be done online, but other's it's better to take from a professor where you can interact and ask some questions.


04-05-08, 01:25 AM
Naturally you have to be careful that you are talking about a reputable school (as opposed to a diploma mill). That being said, most regular universities offer courses online. I took physiology that way. I can't say I'd recommend it for classes with subject matter you find difficult to grasp, though. The biggest issue for me is was that without lecture, I had a hard time narrowing down what was actually crucial to know. Every single concept in the book was equally important to understand. For this reason, I thought it was more difficult than a regular class.

04-05-08, 05:04 PM
I love taking online courses because it forces me to read all materials. For unknown strange reasons, I cannot force myself to study fully when I go to class and attend lectures. For online courses, I always ace because I study everything and the scheduling is not too rigid. I wish I had more of them.

If the university is an online college then especially make sure it is accredited.

05-05-08, 01:24 AM
I think this REALLY depends on the classes you want to take

05-05-08, 01:30 AM
it would be law school. you can learn all that at home, i think.

when my dad was in law school all he did was sit at home and read huge books and huge piles of paper all day. i can do that.

05-05-08, 08:44 AM
For a lot of stuff, online is the way things are going. The tech is there already, WebCT, that kind of thing. As for interactions w/your prof, you can have online office hours & a lot of school already have course forums where you can get most answers from your peers or the moderator/TA of the forum.

05-05-08, 08:56 AM
that's what i want to do.

i don't know a thing about accreditations or how to figure out which is reputable and all that.

05-05-08, 09:40 AM
Ask a lawyer.