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25-05-08, 07:21 AM
i was employed at this car rental place for one month, intially i applied for the rental agent postion, but when i got to the interview i was told that everyone in the company had to start from scratch -working as a lot boy(clean and wash cars, pick up customers). it was like some company policy.the interviewer actually really wanted me to work in their comapny and even told me i was given a job if i could send a driver abstarct, and a reference to them, and i could start the next week. i was hesitant at first ,but later gave in as i needed a job and work exp. he kind of lied to me too. why didn;t he just tell me the postion i was going to get.i had to bus down there for 45 minutes.

2 wks into working in the job they hired a new guy. the thing with this guy is he'll bully me or call me names.
an example i was backing into a stall in the parking lot -being a tight spot and a big suv next to it, i found it hard to park. well jeff would laugh and point and say omg why didn't you park it in straight wise -omg your a f** idiot
other times he would point out in a big attitude way--- as why i am just sitting around -when i just came back from picking up a customer-i guess he didn;'t now i just came back from picking up a customer
pretty much the guy calls me f** idiot ,omg joey your such a dumb....etc,

i complained to the manager there yesterday , and said i wasn;t going to tolerate it anymore. he told me he didn't care and that i could leave if i didn;t like it. later on when i came back from doing a check out, he said he did care and that he would talk to Jeff about it. lol what changed his mind. he said he misunderstood what i was saying, and the later he said it was b/c he was on the phone. -that i totally doubt. its just his stupid excuse

i asked if i could be transferred to another liocation,since i diddn';t like working with Jeff and he said yes after talking with the other guys.

later on in the day as my 8 hr shift was to finish ,the manager tells me that he had to let me go, since i scratch 2 of the cars previosuly by accident while in the parking lot. also b./c in that day by chance i ate in front of a customer and someone from anotehr business took pics and sended it to the district manager.(this is at another location-but same company) this happened the same day i told the manager i was verbally abused, and that i wasn;t going to tolerate it anymore. oh why didn't he fired me before hand than, and why the day i filed the complaint.

the manager is only 25 years old-total goof and is always joking around and i think he likes to take sides, as jeff has friends who are also friends with the manager-this was by chance that they happen to know each other.

what can i do, or what would you do if your in my situtaion.

25-05-08, 08:07 AM
what can i do, or what would you do if your in my situtaion.

I don't mean to come off as rude or insensitive.., but what "I" would do.., is take things less seriously.., not be affected by anyone's comments unless they're constructive criticism free from any other intentions.., and I would try and learn.., and do my job better..

It's an unfortunate situation.., but it is what it is..

Look.., on June 1st.., i'm getting my feet wet at life at a firm.., you can expect people to talk down on you.., dump work on you.., cast blame on you.., etc.., it comes with the job.., that's why they need interns.., to get work done.., and comfort the egos of attorneys in there that will probably never make it to "partner".., it is what it is.., but you have to do it..

Similarly.., how do you think Jeff feels.., or your manager feels? Do you think Jeff is doing anything with his life? When someone new comes on board.., how do you think Jeff is going to treat them? Why do you think he's going to treat them that way? What does that say about Jeff? Better question.., why do you even care about Jeff? You're just trying to do your job..

Honestly.., in all fairness.., this never would have happened.., if you would have been unaffected by what Jeff did.., and just focused on doing your job as best as possible.., you can't let emotions come in the way.., and you can't bother your manager with "he said this.., she said that.., this and this happened.., I can't work like this.., do something about it".., Unless is something serious (this was not).., managers really don't want to hear it.., and yes.., they really don't care.., it only makes you look bad in front of their eyes..

Just take this whole experience for what it is.., a learning experience and opportunity for personal growth.., if you can at least take that much away from the whole thing.., and actually feel how much better off you are now.., you can avoid such situations in your future job..



25-05-08, 08:31 AM
To add to what Grk said, I think you were probably already skating on thin ice with management if you scratched two cars and were eating in front of customers. Your complaining was just the icing on their irritation-cake.

25-05-08, 10:50 AM
The 25 year old 'manager' isn't long for his job either, lol.

In a properly run company, that kind of thing isn't tolerated. Even mangers have bosses. You are best to move on. And have a hard look at your own attitude about things, especially if you notice this kind of thing recurring in your work experience.