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23-04-04, 01:13 PM
What happened to CHAT?! I really liked that chat! MVPlaya and I had a great time at the chat!


23-04-04, 02:07 PM
True that... or you could use AIM.

23-04-04, 03:08 PM
Yeah...but I need to download that. I can't. I'm using my roommate's computer, he'll be pissed.

23-04-04, 03:09 PM
But I can still use my ICQ though. (lite version, don't have to download it)

23-04-04, 03:12 PM
I had ICQ years ago, had an 8 digit account, but lost the pass and I don't want to create a 10 digit account. One of my friends has a 6 digit account... bastard.

23-04-04, 03:22 PM
Oh all that scoop with those digits. So WHAT. BOO.

I have an 8-digit number.

23-04-04, 03:25 PM
Here's the deal, AIM accounts can easily be remembered. 6 digits are easily remember, 8 digits can be remembered, once you hit 11 digits, people have difficulty remembering. Besides, nobody I know uses ICQ, everyone uses AIM, and I'm rarely online for IMing anyway.

My one prop to ICQ: at least you guys got away messages, AIM sucks in that you can't leave msgs for offline folk.

Btw., yours is 9 digits.

23-04-04, 06:45 PM
Hey Guys,

Chatroom will be added back shortly.
Stay tune.

23-04-04, 07:42 PM
Chatroom has been added back.

Here's it: You can see links before reply

23-04-04, 10:45 PM
get error msg... have to register nick.. have already registered but have to inform webmaster??

26-04-04, 05:21 PM
My java doesn't work..
and no one uses AIM.. everyone I know uses MSN..

28-04-04, 07:03 AM
i'm on aim 24/7 ...

28-04-04, 01:10 PM
I am too. AIM is da best.

28-04-04, 06:08 PM
agreed. though i also have msn, yim, and aol names. i get to many people wanting to chat some nights. i'm not so good that i can keep 10 convos plus a chat at once. 5 ok. lol.

28-04-04, 08:18 PM
We're not allowed AIMs in School anyway.. LoL.. We did once.. but I didn't really like it.. I still think MSN is the best..

25-06-04, 04:24 AM
IRC is the best - hands down !

25-06-04, 04:40 AM
you can use aim without downloading anything. go to and look for the link that says aim buddy or aim express. aim buddy works best since it hardly uses's a plus especially at places you have limited access too.

25-06-04, 03:28 PM
MSN is the best. AIM sucks. IRC sucks more.

25-06-04, 04:24 PM
I so totally agree with Kiechi. MSN's secks. Aim 'n' any other really do suck. I don't use em anymore.

25-06-04, 09:04 PM
IRC only sucks to the simple minded. It takes some knowledge of WHAT THE HELL YOUR ACTUALLY DOING ON A COMPUTER to use it. lol

I like it because the clients have scripting capabilities, and I understand it structure perfectly of how it works - I made my own IRC network. :D

25-06-04, 11:46 PM
What is IRC and the other one? never heard of them.

and whats the difference between them and msn?

26-06-04, 12:44 AM
IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. It is by far the most complicated, but BEST chat service in the world. Windows users google up 'mIRC' to learn more. Linux/Unix users google up 'BitchX' or 'XChat' to learn more. Mac users - ****, idk I hate Macs... Each client is different than the others. Offline messages in IRC are not likely, It depends on the Services the network is using. Some Services carry a Service bot called 'NoteServ' or something similar, which will hold offline messages for you and give them to you when you come back online. Has a file transfer protocol. Also has chatrooms for multiple userts to talk in one area, not just IM's.

AIM stands for AOL Instant Messenger. It is the Chat service that AOL has for their customers, BUT they now hand out a free 'smaller' version of this to anyone oin the web, whether you have AOL service or not. Thia AIM does NOT have chatroom capabilities tho, it is ONLY IM's (instant/private messages). It does have a file transfer protocol. Does not have offline message capabilities. AIM just sucks all the way around. The service sucks, I dont know anyone that actually uses it. My files never send or receive thru AIM.

MSN, well if you dont know what MSN is then you should stop reading now. Shut down your computer, unplug it. And take it back to the store where you bought it from. You have no business on a computer at all. Does have a file transfer protocol. The downside to msn is the service itself. I get cut off my MSN account alot. Oh, and the MSN chat service was designed on IRC technology. Has a chatroom area, but you must pay to use it.

ICQ - I have no ****ing clue what it stands for. Has a file transfer prototcol. Offline message capable. The downside to this one is the damn numbers you have to remember...No user names, just numbers. I dont know if it has a chatroom area. Most prolly not...

Yahoo Messenger. Fiel transfer capabilities. Offline message capabilities. The downside is the File transfer protocol is not a direct send. You upload to a Yahoo server then the user will download from that server. Slows the delivery time down, and just seems to cause alot of connection problems... And plus there are alot of **** tards that will IM you out of nowhere - they are programs specifically designed to get you to look at their profile and go to their website and sign up for their service for a fee (aka Bots).. Has a chatroom area, but maybe like 25% of the users in the chatrooms are real people, the other 75% are Bots.

26-06-04, 12:57 AM
wow i never know that! well course i know what msn is! thats why i asked you to compair them to it, if you see what i mean. i like the sound of the offline messages. i think it would be very handy if msn did that.

i would get the ICR one cause it sounds good. but whats the point if no one i know uses it. plus i dont think anyone round here even knows about it.

26-06-04, 12:58 AM
round here= where i live locally.

26-06-04, 01:13 AM
You didn't know what msn was.. Damn. :shocked:

26-06-04, 01:18 AM
i did know what msn was... thats what i said unless ive miss typed. ive had msn 4 ages..if i didnt know what it was why would i have an msn sign near my name thing. ive used yahoo too. and aol a lill. ive just never heard of the others.

im sure ive heard ICR somewhere though.

26-06-04, 01:19 AM
i mean before billy told me. lol i wish i could organise my thoughts so i could put them into one post. ;)

26-06-04, 02:19 AM
IRC, not ICR. (Internet Relay Chat)

And I knew you knew about MSN. That post was not directed towards you. You influenced me to post it, but it was directed at anyone who reads it. Not one particular person or group.

And another note - Every service I mentioned before I use. And all of you are prolly thinking what I was at one time, "God damn thats alot of messenger programs to be running at once!" Damn straight it is. There are alot of programs that have combined the above mentioned services, some programs actually have other services I dont use (they are the really shitty ones/linux ones).

I have one of the best of these kinds of programs. It is called Trillian. It has all 5 services that I mentioned before. To get more information on this program google up "Trillian Messenger". It is made by Cruelean (i am pretty damn sure I spelled that wrong) Studios. The correct url will have the cruelean namein it somewhere.

They have a Basic program and a Payed program. Get the Basic, there really isnt ANY difference between the two, except for looks. But this program you can download skins and place on it thru the preferences. The skins can be downloaded from the Cruelean website also.

If you get the Basic program BE SURE TO GET THE PATCH WITH IT !! Without the patch it will not connect to MSN or Yahoo (MSN and Yahoo have rebuilt their protocols so that other messengers could not "descramble" them, thus making you go back to using the REAL messengers... But it is fixed now.)

Trillian is cool. The main reason I use Trillan is not to save resources on my machine, or have less programs running, but it is for the Logging feature. You can have every conversation from every service logged. The away messages (not offline messages) are easyier to set and unset than having to set away on 5 messengers... You just set 1 and they all say the same thing.

You can organize your buddy lists in any way you desire. You can keep each messenger in a different group and have sub groups if you want. You can mix names from different messengers in a group. etc etc.

I suggest everyone be on as many messengers as they can. Preferably the 5 mentioned before. Trillian is a good way to go this route. That way when you meet someone and they say "Message me on AIM tonight!" you dont have to go "I only have MSN.. :(" etc etc. You'll just be like "OK !" and done. No worries about having to get on a different messenger or whatever.

If anyone gets on IRC please connect to my network. I will put up the direct link to use in the client (which ever you use), but I am 90% sure it is going to get edited out of this post soon.

Once on the server type /list and it will bring up a list of all the different channels on the network. Read the help file to learn more. Or IM me an any of my messengers and I'll help. :)

26-06-04, 04:31 AM
oh i know...i think. lol. i was talking to skye.

26-06-04, 04:37 AM
In order from my fav's are:

1) IRC
2) MSN
3) Yahoo
4) AIM
5) ICQ

26-06-04, 05:10 AM
i tryed to make a small messageing network with msn because i have about 4 computers in my house which ar networked. i tried to make an internal messaging system that worked through msn but its just impossible. it doesnt tell you anything. it was completely useless.

26-06-04, 05:17 AM
IRC will work.

Thats how I got started running my own network with IRC.

It started as me building an IRC based system for my home networks to be able to message each other. Then IU started to learn more and more about it. and then BAM ! I run my very own IRC network that is world wide. I have mostly canadians on it, but I also have a few others around the world...

26-06-04, 05:44 AM
oh cool. i dont have anything like that but i do have a server.

ICR sounds good. maybe u could help me set one up for my network. it would be handy to have one.

i just like the convienience of a network. you can share printers, files, internet and messages. i just used the netsend in the dos prompt to send messages to other computers but not all my family are good enough with computers to do that.