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17-06-08, 02:41 AM
Yesterday was my yearly Latin Competition with the
studio that I take my lessons 2 hours a week with.
I was comfortable going in, and was doing this for my partner,
since I've done this 4 times before and this was her 1st time.

Dances were Mambo, Merengue, Cha Cha, and Jive.

We started off with Mambo, and I was actually pretty nervous, I didn't think I
would be, but it made me lose focus and miss some steps, so I had to restart.
Merengue went a lot better, as I was on beat and it just flowed better.
Cha Cha, wasn't that great and the slippery floor didn't help.
I was pretty stiff from the video replay, when I watched myself.
In Jive, it was better, but could've been done better with my technique.

The other couple was just better, so I was really glad for them, as they deserved it.

I know that I mainly talk about liking Latin Dancing, I do really enjoy
it, but I don't look to be the best, I just try my best and enjoy it.

I'm good at remembering the steps, but it doesn't translate sometimes
to my technique, as If I took some private lessons to improve that
aspect, but I've never had any consistent partners to do this with.
It wouldn't be worth it to spend money with someone that
wasn't going to be there the next time we started up again.

P.S. I learned that, I help out others more, than
try to improve myself, and I'm fine with that.
I'm just there try to show them how much fun they can have.

If I can make friends out of this, It's worth it in the end.

17-06-08, 03:15 AM
I bet some of the chicks there are sexified, eh Kromat?

17-06-08, 03:23 AM
i envy you...

i love to dance but i dont get to do anything like that now.. and i wish i could see you dance (or at least post a photo in the gallery:)). i love to watch latin dance competitions / dancesport (esp jive) and can't help but dream i am among them.. i can dream cant i?:)

i basically watch every dance movie.. have you seen "shall we dance"? maybe it could help you out on the area you said ur not so good in. the way j.lo described some movements are quite amazing.. like you should think like you're gonna have your way on your partner...

dancing is like singing.. if you dont feel the song, you wont be able to translate it.. and what's more, you wont be able to connect it to your audience.

just keep doing and enjoying what you love best. wish you will find your perfect partner...good luck!

17-06-08, 03:32 AM
My current partner great, it just seems different to connect with someone, If they're already taken and way ahead in their lives.
A lot more time can be spent together, and you can fix these little things and take some to practice.
She is 33, has a husband and also an 11 year daughter, so it just feels awkward to take private lessons to focus on technique with her with what she has in her life.
I'll worry about this when I find a girl that I have feelings for and can share this with, until then I'll just have fun with dancing and meeting new people.

17-06-08, 03:44 AM
oh yeah i remember you mentioned before she's married... but it's a sport. you dont need your partner to be your real-life or fulltime partner as well. take for example acting, their partners are not usually their gfs or wives. but they internalize the part... and that's what matters.

and what about homosexual guys who dance? obviously they dont have anything going on with their female partners but they're doing so well in connecting with them and relating it to the dance that you'd think maybe they had something going on. lol:D

i dunno kromat but all i can say is, like acting, when you're dancing, live the moment. then after it, just snap out. though i do wish you will find someone you could connect with (since i think it's easier for you rather than just imagining it) and have the ample time to work your techniques with.

but yeah, at the moment, enjoy meeting new people.. who knows? maybe you're perfect partner is among them!

17-06-08, 03:51 AM
Exactly, it's just that I don't want to bother them out side of class unless it's to hang out with other people,
I don't want them to have the impression, If they're taken that I'm trying to get serious with them.
I'm not comfortable with dealing with it this way yet, maybe after a while It'll be easier, as I said before,
If the partner is consistent in coming to practice, then why work on it yet? I guess I could try to work on my technique alone ....
I got so much on my mind right now with Career / Part-Time Job / Purchasing a Car, that this is the least of my worries.

P.S. People have their own lives, so I'll let them live them, when I'm ready, It'll happen naturally and won't have to be forced.
I just think it's hard to balance an established life having to satisfy your husband, child and then a friend with whom you practice with....
Family comes first, so I doubt there is much time, If the person is busy enough as it is.

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You can see links before reply

17-06-08, 07:55 AM
You're looking Gooood!

17-06-08, 07:57 AM
I'd definitely hit that. Also the girl in black, I'd hit that too

17-06-08, 08:07 AM
Which girl in black? They're all wearing black.

P.S. My partner is 33

17-06-08, 10:12 AM
Looking good Kromat. I hope you're not letting all this talent go to waste and are consistently hitting the dance floor at latin clubs all over town where girls jump on you.

Ahh, how much I could do if I had a good latin dance technique.

How much I could do...

17-06-08, 10:17 AM
Haha, I've used it to hit on women, don't worry, and it has amazing results.
When I'm ready there will be more of me on the dance floor,
but now my career is calling, and I need to focus on that.
After my results with my Real Estate Career, I'll see about
pursuing the ladies and making one of them happy.

17-06-08, 10:25 AM
kromat.. thanks for granting my wish and posting those pics :) damn you you look good though.. esp photo#2. i love your body movement there.

if ur to ask my honest opinion, based on the photos u posted, i can very well tell you're into the steps and not the connection with your partner. check out where your eyes are in all the photos and check out the other photos of your competitors.. your eyes are on the floor.

so i say, yeah, you seriously need a good partner you could connect with.

but thanks though! uhmm... a video clip would be too much to ask i think,, hehe. j/k :D

17-06-08, 11:19 AM
I was quite nervous, I don't know why, it just happened.
In competitions, it's a completely different scenario,
If you don't do them often enough.

P.S. Sometimes you get so into it, u forget to look into your partner.
In September, I'll work on eye contact and putting
more effort into my technique, that'll be my goal.

17-06-08, 12:13 PM
yeah you said so you were nervous...and i totally understand you. indeed, dance practice / rehearsals are way much different from the actual competition. and i have to say, you should work in losing your inhibitions on the dance floor,too.. don't hold back. that's why i said you should have a connection with your partner, coz if you have, your mind wont focus on the difference of surroundings or the people watching you or the people you're competing with... it's just the 2 of you... oblivious to the world.. hehehe:D but i do hope you get what i mean. anyway, it's a "partner" dance, so you should acknowledge that your partner is there to dance with you...and not just dance away like you're the only thing that mattered.. :) right?

i strongly suggest you should work on losing your self on the dance floor (to hell with the people! :))... chemistry and your contact with your partner... and acknowledging the real purpose of your partner.

and unlike other dances, i also do believe for each latin dance category it has its own unique body and facial expression.. :D each dance has its own story to tell...

anyways, let me share some lines with you.. it's from a blackpool senior latin dance champion:

"Ballroom dancing, particularly the Latin dances and the Argentine Tango, are extremely demanding. If you do not practice daily, if you do not take lessons or keep your discipline, you will not dance them well."

"you and your partner have to have good chemistry, because that can be seen by the audience and it is also part of the dance."

Such chemistry, she hastens to add, "is not sexual at all. It is hard to think of sex when you are focused on how your body needs to move, on how you synchronize with your partner, on where you will put your feet."

... hope that helped you even a tiny bit..:)

OH AND YEAH.. they say dance is also like sex.. if you're good on the dance floor, you're good in bed.. :D

17-06-08, 01:04 PM
That makes me happier :D, I needed that, I'll make more of an effort after the break.

17-06-08, 01:35 PM
The dancing looks terrific, K. Great job.

17-06-08, 07:05 PM
That makes me happier :D, I needed that, I'll make more of an effort after the break.

happy to hear that as well;)

keep us posted 'til next time:)