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13-07-08, 09:24 PM
I have many tasks to be done in a short, let me better say fixed, time rather than short duration... How to start? A big list of things to be done at home or at work. I feel a headache, actual physical headache attacks me which reduces my immunity. I think that is much to do with stress when I think about all these things to be done. I consider the time allocated to be fine but how to start? Any advice?

13-07-08, 10:41 PM
Like OMG I posted a biblelength amount of text on how people should live for the moment, and funny that it was in your thread. Didn't you read it?

Focus on the task at hand. Just do the work and stop bitchin'. That's the only way to do it.

13-07-08, 11:32 PM
How do you start if u have bad sinuses &temp ?

13-07-08, 11:46 PM
Do you mean like a horribly runny nose, or you keep sneezing or what?

13-07-08, 11:58 PM
Actually, it is bad throat infection, blocked nose with high temp and allergy that i cant bear the smell of anything, it just irritates me. I have been on antibiotics since two weeks now and still not fully recovered. It seems like a viral bacterial bug.

14-07-08, 12:22 AM
If that were me, I'd probably go out and get completely drunk, then wake up the next day with a terrible headache, take 5 30mg ibuprofen, and then tell myself I've wasted enough time and then do stuff, completely miserable, telling myself all the while that I love life.

14-07-08, 04:40 AM
Damn this girl makes sure LF never lacks stuff to talk about, huh

14-07-08, 04:42 AM
keep it simple, start at the top of your list and work your way down.... for all the shit that you don't get too, put it off till next week.


14-07-08, 06:10 AM
I appreciate the advice because if i were in my normal state, i 'd not have asked this question but thanks to Pneumonia (as the GP has said, I thought it is only sinuses or flu), I will delay thinking of my big list for sometime until I get better.

14-07-08, 12:02 PM
don't let your sickness become the root of all your excuses.


15-07-08, 05:05 AM
I am on two training courses Mon-Wed from 9am until 8pm. so i leave home at 8 am and back around 9 pm. I registered in these courses before I got sick but I will lose my money if I withdrew. That is enough task for me, at least for these three days.

15-07-08, 10:25 AM
basically you know your priorities so you have to change your schedule. it's sounds a lot simpler than you're making it out to be.


Nice Lover Boy
22-07-08, 04:59 PM
Damn this girl makes sure LF never lacks stuff to talk about, huh

She has over 400 post and just registered in May...

22-07-08, 07:50 PM
LF is one of the reasons I cant find time for my computer work.. I think I need to log off more frequently so I 'd find good time for my computer related tasks.. ur notice is valuable Nice_Lover_Boy, thank you.

23-07-08, 01:04 PM
She has over 400 post and just registered in May...

and your point is?


23-07-08, 03:56 PM
well, im quite bad in time management as well butttt.. this kinda works for me:

1. cramming
2. no, dont do number 1. xD make a list/sched, and stick to it.
3. set your priorities
4. multitask? :)
5. spend time wisely, esp your free time.

23-07-08, 07:00 PM
Kalupe: about my free time, i spend it badly .. either remembering painful things from the past or thinking in the big load i have to do before moving to a new country in another continent i have never been to before.

23-07-08, 08:05 PM
I have a very simple time management system. Anyone who demands a large chunk of my time is summarily kicked out of my life.

23-07-08, 08:11 PM
that is harsh Gribble, what if it was ur baby? :)

By the way, how to encourage urself to do a not vey much amusing / appealing job?

24-07-08, 03:40 AM
^ Break it down into more manageable parts.

24-07-08, 05:05 AM
I think there a main list then a sub one for each item..for example, I need to generate a report; this means i need materials, books and resources such as a printer & white papers. My printer was working but nto perfectly so it means i need to have it fixed first before i start thinking of that report.. is that right? or is there a more manageable way to do such a task?

24-07-08, 05:50 AM
Wrong, worry about that after the report is done. Break the report into manageable parts. For example:


Yadda, yadda, yadda.

We have some sort of subconcious defensive system, if we find something overwelming, we put it off until a later date, until the point where you have no time then find yourself under pressure to get things done. Hello procrastination. This normally because we view tasks in their entirety. Now, if you viewed the report in parts, it's be easier to digest and not so much of a chore, as orignally percieved. For example, monday, find research for the report. Get it done. Next day, start the main body. Continue next day. After that, conclude and leave the rest for the next day. You'll find though, once you start getting into something you'll find you may do more than intended, which is great.

Hope that helped.

24-07-08, 10:48 PM
Well, Clearskies...

1. make a list with everything you need to do
2. whenever possible, take ONE thing out of this list and do it.
3. (very important) forget the rest of the list while you are doing it.
4. finish it.
5. rest a little, or praise yourself for being able to completing that item of your list.
6. pick another one and repeat

Hope this helps.