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19-05-04, 03:31 AM
I have run a few forums in my day and I have been on a few that i did not run. But this is the first forum I have seen that does not have a members page. It is a listing of all the members on the forum. People can browse thru this list to see others in their area and then send a PM if they wanted to. etc etc...

There are also member statistics in this area, like top posters, highest average posts per day, etc etc...

I have browsed this site and I have found the area but I get an error when trying to view it. The forum Admin has chosen for normal users not to be able to view this area. I see no point in that to be honest.

My suggestion is to open that area to the public. I for one would like to see the top posters and stuff and browse for people in my area. It is NOT an invasion of privacy or anything for users to be able to do this. Everyone that joins this site has read the user agreement and in it it stats that anything they put on the profile page WILL be seen by the public. So if there is something that they dont want everyone to see then they dont have to put it on the profile.

But yeah - I want the members area open to the public. Any second votes for this ?

19-05-04, 04:55 AM
before the upgrade we actually used to have that option. i'm not sure why it wasn't put back into effect but i think that it was a good idea in the past. raverboy

21-05-04, 12:32 AM
I saw that option and when I clicked on the link I got an error message stating that the administrator has diabled this feature - or some kind of error like that - I was unable to browse the members list tho - and I would like to be able to so that --- but the main thing i want to be able to do is view the top posters list and stuff like that (like the scoreboard on the arcades - but a top posters list - I know there is one on the members list page - but it has been disabled)

My suggestion is to re-enable it and place a link to it in the quick links menu at the top of every page...

Any second motions ??

21-05-04, 09:01 PM
I had disabled the memberlist for privacy purpose. No one can browse the whole memberlist and spam to everyone listed under the list.

21-05-04, 09:43 PM
Ah crap... Stupid spammers have to ruin everything for the others...

21-05-04, 11:33 PM
yes.. anyway, nice suggestion.

21-05-04, 11:43 PM
Maybe you could put up an area the shows the top 10 of everything ? Like the top 10 posters - the top 10 thread starters - top 10 referers - etc etc -- this was the main reason I wanted the mebers list area to be open - I do not care to see the entire list off all 2000 ppl - I just want to see the top 10 of everything...

23-05-04, 09:27 AM
haha..i'm guessing that you wanted to be on those lists that's why. raverboy

27-05-04, 02:21 AM
Ouch. Nice. :D

27-05-04, 03:05 AM
I love to be on a list - good or bad - so I wanted to see the top of everything so that I would know what I have to beat. I am very competative

27-05-04, 03:34 AM
Hmm.. A bit like me. Although I'm more competitive in stupid things.. LoL..

27-05-04, 03:35 AM
Can't think of any right now.. But it is well stupid.. LoL..

27-05-04, 03:47 AM
i have to be the fastest - or the strongest - or the best at - just about anything I do - if I am not I keep doing it over and over again until I am on top. :D stupid stuff and serious stuff

27-05-04, 03:48 AM
That's alright though. It's fun to compete sometimes :lol:

27-05-04, 08:55 AM
how about being the most forgetfull kawaii?? or probably having the most posts that has little meaning, like posting a facial expression as a reply... =)~


27-05-04, 08:37 PM
I'm not the only person who post a facial expression as a reply thank you very much.. and yeah.. I probably do have the most posts that has little meaning because I'm completely meaningless. ><'

27-05-04, 09:42 PM
I have alot of useless posts - but not as much as skye does. :D

28-05-04, 12:53 AM
Well.. Probably because EVERY post of mine is useless.. *Roll eyes*

28-05-04, 08:50 AM
hahaha... i'm just stating what i see. and i lot of kawaii's post have little meaning. however there are also many post that actually help people and bring relevant discussion to the threads. raverboy

28-05-04, 03:00 PM
Ok well.. I know I have little meanin' in most of my posts.. but I just like postin' things up.. LoL.. It's not like I'm botherin' anyone.. Ok.. Well.. maybe I am.. But.. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhh >,<"

31-05-04, 02:53 AM
your not bothering me

31-05-04, 05:02 AM
*cough* Spam *cough*


31-05-04, 07:27 AM
*sigh* Hehe sorry. ok yes i make useless posts aswell bla bla bla yes we shoudl make member pages bla bla bla. there ya go :)

31-05-04, 07:50 AM
OKAY!!! we all have made useless posts. I've done it, everyones done it. Nothing to take a fit about. As long as the initial thread isn't useless, I see nothing wrong.

31-05-04, 08:50 AM
waffle :smug:

01-06-04, 03:35 AM
there is nothing wrong with useless posts. but if there was an award for it, i'd give it to you kawaii. raverboy

01-06-04, 05:41 AM
Waffle?.. LoL..
Thanks Illusional.. I feel.. Well honored.. LoL..
*Bows*.. Thank you very much.. LmAo!!!

02-06-04, 09:17 AM
hahahahaha.... well you could always just change your title under your sn. raverboy

03-06-04, 05:45 PM
No... That's forbidden to me.. RaR.

05-06-04, 03:54 AM
well that is your only chance to receive this award. i'm sorry, i will have to take it back from you. raverboy

18-06-04, 04:15 PM
That's alright. Feel free to take it back. :lol: