View Full Version : Here's a tip to find all of them most recent posts!

14-11-08, 07:16 AM
You see up at the top of your screen along that blue bar that says "User Cp FAQ Gallery Calendar New Posts Search Quick Links Log Out"?

I hope so.

In any case, notice the New Posts link. It's a wonderful tool especially if you're looking for New Posts.

Now, I wanted to share this with you all, especially our more regular members who aren't aware of it because it makes navigating the boards so much more simplistic. No more peeking in and out of the many sub forums here.

Once again I'm trying to make sure everyone is in on this trade secret because it ultimately benefits me, and well, all of us.

The way I figure it is, the sooner you guys find new threads and post on them the less chance idiots will post the same damn thread across every possible subforum in a desperate attempt to be heard. And honestly, I can't entirely blame them because many of them don't post on forums much and when you look at LF's home page, it's a wonder to the newbies how anyone would ever spot their lowly topic in that great sea of love advice garbage. I've had to delete about 8 duplicate posts within the past hour to try to keep your foruming experience as uncluttered as possible.

Thank you for your time.

14-11-08, 07:22 AM
Mbe LA can put a time delay for newbies & threads? 5 minutes b/t new threads? Like how they have to wait for PMs?

14-11-08, 07:29 AM
That's a good suggestion Indie. Maybe we can pitch it to 'em.

14-11-08, 10:53 AM
That's pretty cool tip, thanks man.

14-11-08, 02:27 PM
hey, that will be $5.00 for the new commers.


27-02-09, 08:10 PM

As it seems that people have been slowly discovering this method.