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10-07-04, 07:22 AM
Hi all,

I have just become a member here, and i have been having a look though the threads and posts and i have noticed alot of use of offensive words such as swear words, on most forums swearing is againist forum rules and i thought this forum was the same in regards to your rules. So i just wanted to now is it allowed or not? Dont want to get banned on the same day that i registered. lol. :)

10-07-04, 10:08 AM
Look at the sticky posts, they have rules. But certain things should only be talked about in the appropriate forums, sex naturally has offensive words, so keep them in the sex forum, so on and so forth, just look at the rules page, I'm sure there is one somewhere.

10-07-04, 01:44 PM
You can see links before reply

10-07-04, 03:14 PM
**** bitch ass shit muther ****a. and this is comming from a moderator. raverboy

11-07-04, 12:22 AM
Um............ this is a very different forum isnt it!?!? I had a look at biilys link, thanks and i can see what you mean but IMO writting a load of swear words for the pure hell if it is just pointless. Adults IMO let allown moderators shouldnt be going around swearing for the hell of it, that sounds quite inmuture to me, isnt there anywhere on this forum were you can actually have a 'adult converstion'? :(

11-07-04, 01:32 AM
Mother bitch ****ing whore ass **** gang bang dang cock suck **** ass bitch skank whore !!! HHHaaahahaa. coming from another moderator!!

I love this forum!!!

Loveadmin, I love you!

11-07-04, 01:35 AM
What are you some kinda puritan?! You're actually given the right to swear as much as you want and you don't want it?! I HATE when forums do this - block swearing! It's so stupid...people will just write "b!tch" instead of bitch...that's just pointless.

Hey, if you don't like this forum, well that's your problem, just leave. Don't make this an issue - we're well happy with it, and I'd be really annoyed if they banned swearing because of you.

11-07-04, 02:40 AM
I am not complaining that you can swear on this forum i was just asking a question and stating my opinion on the situation, dont i have the right to give my opinion?!? I just dont understand how writting a number of swear words one after another is an advance to anyone or worth the time, but hey thats just IMO. If your happy with it Killerbabe then thats your choice and its fine, maybe you should just respect other ppls opinions too instead of having a go at them for having a view.

I wasnt trying to offend anyone or this forum, :(

11-07-04, 03:52 AM
Dude, I come in peace. You didn't get it. that was just a joke, we were just (may I say this?) ****ing around with you! Take it easy:)

13-07-04, 06:21 AM
well considering that this is how i regularly talk, when i'm in an adult setting or not also does reflect the way that i answer posts. i feel that swearing is all around us, censored or not. people can express how they feel and sometimes, swearing emphasizes the way a person wants to express themselves. however if you look around, there are plently lf members that you can have an adult converstation with. raverboy