View Full Version : I propose a "sticky" rules/guidelines thread

21-11-04, 02:33 PM
Someone (admin) should make some sort of "sticky" thread with rules/guidelines on posting.

1) Do a search. The question you want to ask may have recently been answered.

2) When posting your topic, allow it to give us SOME sort of insight on what the post is about. Some bad examples of topics would be things such as "advice please" and "oh my god" or "what do I do now". It'd really be nice if you gave us SOME sort of clue as to what the post is about.

3) Give us as much information as you feel comfortable with to work with. It's dificult to respond to most questions without knowing enough particulars. Some common ones that would be nice to work with would be whether you're a guy or girl, whether you're talking about another guy or girl, the specific scenario you need help with, and also very nice to know would be your age. ESPECIALLY if you don't put a birthdate or anything in your profile. Advice can vary greatly from a 15 year old to a 30 year old, whether you are trying to pick up a guy/girl at a bar or at the local library, etc. etc.

These are three things that really irk me as well as three things that are pretty important in a forum community such as this. I think an admin should make a sticky/closed thread with some rules/guidelines on posting so that the poster can get more effective answers and the other people like myself don't have to try to guess at all this information only to have guessed wrong and give advice that can't even be used.

Rod Steele

21-11-04, 04:29 PM
dammit that's right, wait, how many times do we actually follow rules though??


22-11-04, 12:10 AM
Nice suggestion, rod. Think we should put up one to keep new members aware of what they should do before posting a new topic.