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03-01-05, 01:48 PM
Nice change lol, its different and different is good. We shall see where it goes from here. But too me, sweetness!

03-01-05, 03:38 PM
RED.. i love it.


03-01-05, 03:48 PM
Dude I'm really not liking this. Dark backgrounds and light fonts don't do well. It's cool for the moment but when I'm reading a long post it'll give me a headache. did a similar thing, black backgrounds with white font, it didn't work well at all.

Nice Lover Boy
03-01-05, 04:04 PM
Well, it's going to take a while for me to adapt to this new color.

03-01-05, 04:15 PM
I'm with Frasbee......i'm really not liking this. I don't think it's a getting used to it issue either. i just think it's going to be very hard to read. but hey, that's just my opinion!

03-01-05, 04:19 PM
Well I posted something in the poll thread it. I love the layout, but after while, it really is straining to the eyes.

03-01-05, 06:31 PM
I hate it. Giving me a headache buy the majority of the forum chose this layout guessall I can do is get used to it.

03-01-05, 07:57 PM
yes. Look quite uncomfortable after sometime. ^_^
I had switch the default skin back to the old skin.

Meanwhile, for those who still like the skin, you can choose to switch back by selecting the dropdown menu at the bottom left of the forum.

If majority feel that the old skin is still better, i will remove the scarlet skin once and for all.

03-01-05, 08:56 PM
Wooooooooo Ty Lubadmin.

03-01-05, 10:17 PM
Um Helloooooooooo Mine Is Not Red !!!! Wtf

03-01-05, 11:44 PM
I still think there should be a change. If only you could change the default skin from blue to red borders, it would look just as good.

04-01-05, 12:50 AM
guys, please check bottom left of the forum. There's a menu for you to switch to scarlet.

04-01-05, 01:58 AM
Thanks a lot for listening, I tried to see if the skin chooser would work, but it kept setting it back to default (not that I mind).

04-01-05, 09:33 AM
Oh, thats weird. I like the red, t'is different.

04-01-05, 10:42 AM
Please don't remove scarlet completely. If people are so sensitive that they can't adapt that's fine if there's an option between the two, but it's been far too long since we had a scenery change.

04-01-05, 03:27 PM
everyone is usually afraid of change.


05-01-05, 12:33 AM
Blahh! Why why why!

05-01-05, 12:59 PM
it's something new that they aren't used to.