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01-09-03, 03:40 PM
I am 22 years old and just now I lost my virginity,
I have been togethert with this girl for 2 months and the reason am writting this beacouse I can't seem to cum in her for nothing, god please help.
dont take me wrong she loves it, that i could go for hours and still be so.. hard and not cum, but is driving her crazy! thinking that she is not pleasuring me at all. but I tell her, thats not the problem that am actually ejoing it.
if i didn't my dick would not get so.. hard right? please help me out here I know that I saw a post talking about the same thing but I didn't think that help me too much.

01-09-03, 11:32 PM
try increasing the foreplay. get close to orgasm before entering her, if this means you need to masterbate yourself...then thats what it means.

talk to her about this and dont make a habit of it, but in order to get the monkey off your back, but try not worrying about pleasing her, have a good time, climax....then you can make sure she cums later on...with your hands, tongue...or till you're good to go again.