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22-08-05, 05:46 AM
(please read all before posting)
so recently i have been given some kind of points from other members of this forum...as a joke lol but i figured hey! thats a great idea!

we could rate other members on their advice towards our threads on this forum...each forum would have a different point system like dating section would be dating points and sex section would be like sex points..do you see??

then when you post a thread you could make it so if you wanted the thread to be serious, if the person were to have a high number of points that person would be assumingly helpful to that section...and usually the helpful people dont joke around and stuff and flame posts or anything like that and are pretty serious about the topics(keyword in that:usually). and well you could set the point requirement to whatever you think is sufficient. you would find out what is sufficient by the number of points the people you socialize with on the forum normally by the points they have. im not sure what the limit would be for points or anything that would be up to loveadmin and the moderators possibly.
anyone can still read the threads and stuff but you just have to have a certain number of points to post in it.

you would lose points if the person who made the thread that you posted in was offended or didnt think your post helped at all ( or otherreason similiar to those). the person who owned the thread wouldnt have the responsibility of taking points away...a few trustworthy moderators would have that job. the reason for the moderator filter would be so that there were no unreasonable point removals.

and you would gain points by clicking a button next to the reply button called "rate post" you would only be able to rate 1 post per person per thread until we got reasonable ammount of complaints about it. the person would get the points as soon as someone rated them. the moderators would choose how many points that the person would get for his or her advice.

perhaps we wouldnt need the moderators if we could program some kind of program with C++ to weed out all the unwanted removals/gainings of points. however i could not provide such a program because i dont know very much C++ but someone could kindly provide us such a program from the bottom of their heart..and would be credited to it somewhere on the site??

im not sure how it would work coding wise/html wise but i think its a nifty idea.

it WOULDNT be to rate someones popularity on the site, but STRICTLY to prevent nonhelpful users from posting unwanted information in certain threads. maybe the person would have to request to the moderators for permission and the moderators would read it and decide whether it is serious enough or not or something like that.

certain sections would not be associated with the point system; like the general section and the poem section etc...(like the whole fun section and the introduction section and so on)
the only ones that would be associated would be the ones where people go for advice on their relationships. each one would be associated with a different point system(as i said before):
dating section-dating points
kissing section- kissing points
sex section-sex points
dumping sex-dumping points.
the points are just for how good you are at giving advice. not how good you are at that specific thing. that is just a general idea of what they could each be called.

the reason for all this is because people are upset for all the unwanted posts in the "advice seeking" sections, which appear to be dating, sex, kissing, and dumping sections.

and if you got to a certain number in points (like a really low negative number, or if you started out with a number of points, perhaps 0) you might be removed from the forum.

you wouldnt be awarded any type of power (like mod power) or anything for achieving a certain ammount of points(i mean like a lot of points) but it could also help loveadmin choose moderators!

if we started now what we would do is start the point system but not allow "thread point ratings" which are when you only allow members iwth a certain ammount of points post in your thread, and let people get a general idea of who has how many points and so people can generalize peoples attitudes by this point system.

some people want to fool around on here however. they still could, just not in the dating/sex/kissing/dumping sections(or rather just the "locked threads"). some people just come here for advice and the people who joke around are messing it up for them! this would make it fair for both types of people. people could get their relationship advice and people could still get a laugh off of this site.

im pretty sure i covered all of my points..if you think i didnt cover something on this post it. let me know your opinion. add to the idea! i will answer your questions you have about my idea if you post them. feel free to PM me too if you like. i want to make this site better for everyone, and this seems like a really good way to help

thanks for letting me post this!

22-08-05, 06:21 AM
I only read the first paragraph or two, but it would never work. People generally consider good advice to be that which agrees with their own point of view. Besides, I think generally, people seeking advice can tell good advice when they see it. It is usually the advice they would rather not take.

22-08-05, 06:42 AM
well i meant like if the person is trying to help you know? instead of like a bullcrap post like "haha he said(idiotic word rarely used among society)

you are right about the advice however. i do know good advice when i see it. its well informed and longer than 1 sentence usually.

22-08-05, 10:34 AM
well to being things off, this IS an idiotic thread. so what now?? would i lose all my posts?? haha.... in general people don't post on this forum to be popular?? unless you're either still in high school or intermediate for that matter.

secondly i would agree with shhh... what makes one peice of advice better than the next?? this would probably bring more conflict because people would only get caught up in their "point" count. look at me, i've been here forever and i rarely will post any helpful advice in any of the relationships sections bacially because i don't really care to bother with any of that.


24-08-05, 02:49 PM
Yeah i don't see that working either. I think people take whatever advice that is given to them and then decide if its good or not. I mean someone might rate me terrible for being blunt and telling them the truth....but it might not be what they want to hear....

I think the same applies for all the others.

25-08-05, 10:50 AM