So I got together with this girl back in October. She had only recently split up with her ex boyfriend 6 weeks prior. It went very fast which was one of the reasons she gave for the break up. Everything happened so fast and we fell for each other really quickly. We went on holiday to London together over Christmas and had the best time. However during the last 6 weeks of our relationship we stopped going out as much and stayed in and had sex a lot more. I had got jealous a lot over her ex boyfriend and she got jealous over a friend of mine, which sometimes caused arguments. Last Saturday I stayed the night at her house with things going good until the morning when she told me she had been thinking about our relationship but didnít want to end it as she loved me. We both agreed to try harder and communicate better with each other. Until the Monday night she split up with me saying that she just needed time on her own, and that she was unhappy. This confused me because everything seemed fine and she even asked me in the morning, If I wanted to go on a date night on Thursday. I am unsure what to do now as it has been 4 days since and I miss her dearly and donít want to be without her much longer. I have reflect on everything and realised what what wrong mainly our communication with each other and stubbornness. I think I know how to act going forward with her as the time Away has been useful to reflect. I do want to give her space but do want her back so I am undecided what to do, if anyone can help ? Thank yo