I was out recently with my friends when a good looking guy walked into the room. My friends were like 'woah look at him'. He took my hand to dance when we were out in the floor. I danced and I went back to the girls. When I looked over he was making love heart symbols at me with his hands . He seemed quite drunk. It was about 2am and I know I was pretty drunk but in control of myself. He approached me saying 'I think you're gorgeous and I wanna have your babies'. Charming I know. I laughed and went back to the girls, dancing with him occasionally. At the end of the night he said 'I really like you, can I walk you to your taxi'. I agreed. We chatted for ages. I told him I found him attractive but I had just started seeing someone and he said he'd a long term girlfriend. He was very funny which attracted me to him more. We laughed a lot. We chatted on the street for about 2 hours. He asked me to his place saying nothing had to happen. It took me a while to agree to it but I did. He asked me lots of questions about myself, kept remarking on how pretty he thought I was, thought I was out of his league etc. All charming. Nothing happened because I was wary enough and I don't do one night stands but this was an exception with a funny guy who I had a great chat with. He asked me to look him up on Facebook. I didn't get into his long term relationship details at the time. We kissed and he held on to me tight while I slept. Looking at me smiling and gazing into my face. This guy liked me. He asked me not to be awkward when I woke up. Later he did ask if I'd change my ind and have sex. The chemistry was there but I just didn't know him enough. I didn't know him enough to go back to his house but he assured me and hmy friends that he would look after me. He seemed genuine BUT with all the kisses hugs lovely remarks this guy never replied to my Facebook message to him which was basically me saying I thought he was a funny guy and it was nice to meet him. He was all over e and then he ghosts me. Did I hurt his ego? Was it a cool build up for sex? I dunno. I guess I never will but I never met anyone like him before. He was so much fun in the 8 or so hours we spent together. Maybe he wanted a fling before he got to his girlfriend whom he told me he cheated on before. A bit of a bad guy but so attractive all the same.