I posted this in the general forum, but I really think I need a "male perspective" on this one specifically.

I apologize in advance for the length of this message. I have been dating the man of my dreams for a little over 15 months. We moved in together (at my home) after dating about 4 months. He was in a terrible marriage and moved out of his house with his wife at that time.

So for the past year, we have been living together. It has been AMAZING. We have had so much fun - and really no problems or arguments to speak of. He treats me better than I ever thought it was possible to be treated. I believe we truly love each other - and I am happier than I ever thought possible.We have talked extensively about getting married, spending our lives together, even the possibility of children (even though I am now 38 and he is 37). Here in our state, though, you have to be legally separated for 365 days before you can file for divorce. Well, February 10 will be 1 year since he left his wife.

Earlier this week, he met with his wife to have an initial conversation about the divorce (division of property, etc). When he got home, he was very upset. After telling me about the conversation, he tells me that he wants to move out and go live with a male friend. He says that he loves me, and that he has never been as happy as he is with me.

He says that he wants to keep dating me and eventually get back together - but that he needs time and space to work through the divorce and feelings he hasn't resolved with his wife (he adds that he doesn't want to be with her any more and had good reason to leave - he just regrets not taking time before moving in with me.)

I wish I could understand what is going on. We have truly had the best year ever together...it breaks my heart for him to leave. I have been completely depressed and unbelievably sad since Monday night. I cannot even imagine not having him in my life on a daily basis. I am so afraid that this will not work - and I am afraid that this is really just his way of breaking up with me (without trying to hurt me).

Is it possible that this will work out? And if it does, how will I ever be able to trust that he won't leave again?

Should I keep fighting and try to convince him to stay or should I just let him go and hope for the best?

- - - Updated - - -

As an update: we moved out the majority of his things this weekend. He moved in with a male friend and put the bulk of his belongings in a storage unit. He will not be officially moved out until this weekend, when he will take his clothing and personal items to the guy's apartment. He took a few of my belongings/furniture with him to the apartment and plans to leave a few personal things at my house - again, with the understanding that this is "temporary."

I just wish I knew for sure that this was or was not going to work out - and if it does work out, WHEN???