Hi I am asian catholic and he is arab muslim. We knew from the start that we would end up like this. That one day his family will find an arab muslim girl and arrange their marriage. And that's it. The nightmare begins. He is getting married. We are so broken. We can't eat, drink and sleep. We are both so depressed. He can't do anything cause it's a tradition, how I wish I can tell him to fight for us but I know he can't. We are from different worlds. He said if he has another life how he wish he has different one and would give to me, he wishes he has freedom. I don't wanna be selfish but he wishes only for me to get better and move on cause I will have a better life, I can make decisions, I can be happy. But for him he will be trap forever on something and someone he doesn't want just to make his family happy and follow the culture. I am the loser here but I do understand his situation as well. We want to be strong for each other, but I really can't. How I wish I am , so I can ease his pain too. I don't know what to do😔😔 we are both dying emotionally and it is not healthy as well. I love him. He said atleast once in his life he was normal, he experienced love and hapiness as a normal man. I am so broken. I don't know how to ease his pain and the pain I feel right now.