Im 18, hes 17, my boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 2 whole years. We never once had a fight and got along incredibly well. Occasionally, though i had my tough stressful times, and got emotional. I've always had dad issues, and my mom went away for a couple of month so I was left with caring for my family, and i wasn't doing so hot academically either. I truly love my boyfriend more than anything but when I had my moment of course I would cry. Over time he believed his comforting method toward me didn't work and gave up. But tbh he did incredibly comforting me and always made me feel better. Later on he said he started feeling miserable and just didn't want to hurt me because he still cares about me. We tried so many times to "fix" things but to him nothing was working or he never even gave it a chance. Everytime I thought things were happy and joyous between us too he told me he was 50/50 about being with me which took me off guard because I thought we were ok. Ok, to fill in, sometimes I would he so upset and react on impluse. I would drive over to his place because I didn't like talking about our relationship over text. I prefered in person confrontations. After the "1st" break up he kept on messaging me saying he was iffy about breaking up. I didn't see it as a big deal because I thought maybe we could work things out. He said he wanted us to be happy like how we use to be and I agreed. By the way he did this 3 times. Sometimes beyond happy and ok and kissing me but other times messaging me telling me we should break up. This happened over a course of a week. He have even gave it a chance to fix things. After what I thought was our offical breakup we ended up meeting a few times afterwards. Like to exchange our belongings and talk things out. The first time we met up was after what I thought was the offical break up because I felt bad with how we broke if off. We apologized to each other and he said he still wanted us to be friends. I can't help but blame myself though for why we broke up. He said me being emotional got too overwhelming and he hated how I dealt with it. Sometimes I would say stupid things which i didn't even mean. Those times we met up after the break up for some reason he still acted like we never even broke up. He still kissed me, hugged me, etc even though he knew it was wrong. It only confused me of course. He told me he didn't know why he did these things at first. After around the 3rd time meeting he started telling me he missed me. We didn't see each other for 2 weeks until he invited me over. He told me he missed me and us and kissing me etc. But he also said he wasn't sure about being in a relationship etc. It's off putting and confusing because I don't get why he's being like this. Today he told me he thinks he really does love me but just isn't up for a relationship right now. Though he said maybe later when things are better he would love to get back together if he wants. But then he tells me he doesn't mean to get my hopes up. He's so nice and caring yet is so confusing and bipolar for the past 3 weeks with this whole "break up" stuff. Btw we are each others first for everything. First boyfriend and girlfriend, first kiss, first I love yous the whole nine yards. So tbh we don't know how to relationship or anything of the sort. I just wondering that since hes confused if hed ever take me back. I want things to work out more than ever. I really do love him more than anything I just want him to be happy because I worry about him too. Need some good advice here please