Broke up after 10 years
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Thread: Broke up after 10 years

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    Broke up after 10 years

    Hi, my girlfriend broke up with me after 10 years. It was a normal breakup no screaming shouting or things like that, she told me that wasn't feeling what she used to feel for me. We did many things wrong and communication played a big role in the detriment of our relationship.
    We still maintain contact via text but she seems to avoid to meet with me. I kinda got over it and i really care about her and respect her feelings but life moves one right?
    We are going abroad a volunteer program for 10 months in another country which we are suppose to work together and share the same house and she asked me to stay in her bedroom instead of staying in separate rooms because she would feel uncomfortable with someone else. I wanted to give up and just drop the project but she said she would be very sad and this was a good thing to help me. She only want to stay as friends we were always good friends i think and i am decided to move on with my life.

    I am very new on this since this is my first break up and really long relationship, why she insists on being friends but avoid me and why would she want to share the same room with me then?
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