A year ago, my wife unilaterally divorced me after just 15 months of marriage. I still love her and miss her. Not only did I lose my wife, but I also lost a family, because she had 2 daughters who are about the same age as my daughter. This has been very traumatic for my daughter, who loved her stepsisters and played with them all the time. I cannot even think of being with another woman because of my feelings for my ex-wife. It's probably unrealistic that she would ever want to reconcile. In fact, I ran into her a few months ago and she said, "I have moved on, and we are now on separate journeys." But my journey hasn't changed, in the sense that I still love her. Not a day goes by that I don't think of her and think of all the good times we had as a couple. I've even started compiling a list of fond memories and am wondering if I should send it to her. I've been in counseling but it hasn't helped. One counselor told me that women are like trains, and that after one train leaves the station, another one comes along. I cannot think of my ex-wife in that way. I thought we were soulmates and would be together forever. The only analogy I can make to trains is that I'm a "train wreck" after losing the woman I loved and a family that both my daughter and I loved. I would welcome any advice.