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Thread: I feel like we're still together

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    I feel like we're still together

    My BF broke up with me 1 week ago and I was devastated and heart broken. We dated for almost 2yrs and I was not expecting to breakup because we had such a strong relationship. He says that we're still friends, best friends even and so we see each other just as much and laugh and have so much fun and I get really happy. I feel like I get happy because I think that he likes me again and wants to be with me again but then he says something that makes me think the opposite. I want him back so badly but I've been trying to hide my feelings because I would be even more sad if we weren't friends anymore but when we hang out it feels the same as before! It feels like we're dating! (Besides the fact that we aren't romantic but we were never into PDA anyway) i have no idea what to do because I don't know if I'm hurting myself more every time i see him and have fun with him and imagine him telling me that he wants me back. At the same time I love being with him and I want to be his best friend also. What do I do???

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    you dont.
    dont pretend to be friends
    dont hide and dont lie

    find out what was missing in your relationship before. obviously you are bad at paying attention to your partner
    because your "very strong" relationship just happened to break up (which is bullshit).

    if you stay "just friends" then it will either work out for you as in you stop pretending and get together again
    or you stay friends and it wont work out and you will continue to hurt yourself.
    Pretending to be friends therefor is no good idea.

    im not saying you cant stay friends. im just saying you should make it obvious that you want him. and communicate that.
    Lieing doesnt get you anywhere you want.
    If you think I am insulting you with my post or bashing you: You do not get the point.
    I am not here to insult or bash anyone. I offer up my free time to help. Take from my post what is useful to you.
    If you are angry about my post or myself, then please stop and think how that happened. Usually that is the way the brain responds if a critical belief system is challenged (its called cognitive dissonance). If you have trouble with it please answer in the thread. I will come back to you.

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