About two years ago my really close friend and i kissed. We were really drunk(well, i was, he not so much) and i barely remember. Before that i heard from other friend that he is in love with me and i guess i just wanted to know how he really feels. After that kiss he asked me what i want to do about that, what it meant to me, and something like that, but i told him i want for us to stay just friends.
Since then we were not so close, meanwhile i found boyfriend, and i didn't see my friend during my relationship, about few months.
When i broke up we started to see each other again, we rebuild our friendsheep. We were really close all summer.

Few days ago he told me he is in love with me since that kiss. I wasn't so shocked because there were moments when i thought about that. I told him i'm scared and i don't want to lose him. And then i kissed him, don't know why. I guess i just didn't wanted him to feel bad and that kiss felt right at the moment. At the end i told him i would think about it. He is happy now, he thinks i feel the same. The thing is, i don't know how i feel.

I think about him all day (don't know what to do), sometimes i imagine our future together, and it feels good. But in the other hand i think about breake up, and how i will lose him, because there's no happy break up. I really need him as a friend, but maybe our friendship is already ruined.

However, i don't know what to do.
So, if you could tell me your opinion, and give me some advice i would be very grateful.