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Thread: In love with a French girl

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    In love with a French girl

    I'm not used to going on this kind of forum but I'm a little lost.
    I met a French girl by the relation of a French friend. However, I have never seen her. She doesn't live in the same city as my friend and I didn't have time to see her on my last trip to France. We talk regularly on facebook and we do some skype. She is very pretty, caring and typically French, I like her a lot. Our connection is fairly recent, around 1 month, but our messages are very passionate. She says she looks forward to seeing me and she flirts a lot with me. But sometimes she doesn't answer my messages for days, she tells me it's hard to trust me and I don't really know what she thinks of me... I wondered if anyone could advise me on how to seduce a French girl, how to operate the drag in France and if I can confess my feelings now?
    Oh, I forgot, she is younger than me, I'm 25 and she is 22, and she speaks English quite well with a French accent that I really love.

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    just continue to chat with her. your reputation will improve as she sees your dedication to her. giving friends names to vouch for your personality may help. girls only as guys may horn her away from you. discuss your financial condition well as well so she has confidence in a pleasant relationship with you. no girl wants get harnessed to poor lover

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